Dreamweaver tutorial for beginners step by step

Dream Weaver is the most popular software for making Web pages. Those who want to make entering the code they like dreamweaver tutorial for beginners step by step as well as those who use the code they use. Can be used in design view and code view. Those who use HTML, or ColdFusion, ASP.Net used to go, with all the popular software.
JavaScript needs to learn to do that; she can use Behavior Dream Weaver without learning code. Similarly rollover effect (such as the mouse pointer over an image, it’s got to be changed) is very easy to use.
Some steps have consistently tried to teach this software is made using the website. First, let’s have some common issues.
Dream Weaver for learning HTML:
The correct answer to this question is difficult. If you know HTML will certainly make it easier to work. While working on one stage you will learn some HTML. Dream Weaver started periodically for new students to learn a little HTML, the father of the facility. What is the web page: any web page, you certainly know what it is. So let’s summarize.
Title: Each web page has a title which is used as the window title. If you open a Microsoft sites such as Microsoft, as well as the name of your window will open.
Header: If you represent some of the text used as the title of the text. This is usually written in the form of the original text, as well as the color may be different or might contain. The main web page header, another header, this share under the Heading 1, Heading 2, etc. Name is used.
Text Box: one can say that the body of text. Under no descriptive text that can take hold.
It is called the body.
Hyper-link: where to click somewhere else on the page, other pages or other sites is open to the link. General rule is to keep the color blue is used or italic or underlined. Unless the mouse pointer finger of the hand with which images can be seen by clicking on the user understand something will happen there. If you wish, you can show it in a different way, of course. Typically, the color, the mouse brought another color, click on the color show.
Image Link: Link text as well as images or videos may be used instead. The ads are usually used.
Search box: Generally the Search button and type in a place to write. Click here to search by typing the type which can be found as well as the related information.
Footer: the text of the Web page. Generally, company name, address, or other communication links, etc., copyright information is written here. You do that with software to create a website, you will need to make these parts.
In addition, some issues need to be used. As Cascading Style Sheet or CSS. It is used as a separate file. In the meantime, the code was written to be like the font of any text on your pages, images, etc. to be seen. If your site has thousands of pages, each of them will use this information in the same way. You can keep the code as a separate file in the same manner and from there you can use. Other software used: Dream Weaver, who does not have everything you need to decorate. If the word processor (Microsoft Word) or Pages Making software (such as Adobe In-Design) users a chance to work, then there can arrange everything nicely. Then the rest of the webpage using Dream Weaver can act as an export. Dream Weaver latest versions (CS 5) Word press or Joomla to create or edit the theme.
Do you work on your computer? But the work will keep him at the end of the server.
Dream Weaver can upload to the server from within. While working in a browser and see how it has the ability to learn.
Prepare the site:
Web page set-up:
Dream Weaver making website for a folder, you can take the decision at the outset. In the smaller of the original Web site to file the CSS, images, etc. can all be in the same folder, but they are convenient to create separate subfolders. Once the name of the folder to the Dream Weaver, the Dream Weaver himself will update the files.
• Turn Dream Waiver. To select the various options can be seen on a screen. Files tab at the bottom right of the screen where you can be seen to be used. Typically, Desktop and tarapase Manage Sites to be written.
• Manage Sites and click on the link.
• Manage Sites dialog box for creating a new site, click the new button.
• A name for the site and select the folder that the files will remain. The site name will be used only while working, the final sites will never see it anywhere else.
• Servers tab in the server name, connection type, etc. can be considered. At the end of the server, such as FTP. For now there is no need to change anything here. A number of advanced options that can be changed are that now need to be used.
• OK, and a new set of files in the folder appear in the folder name.
Dream Weaver file folders, etc. are some rules to follow. As
• Do not start with a capital letter. Capital may be in the middle of the name, not the beginning. At the beginning of special symbols cannot be used.
• The name cannot be left in the empty space. If necessary, use an underscore.
• If you take a file from one folder to another folder inside the Dream Weaver.
 Dream Weaver will immediately update the information.
After these things to create a new site. From the menu command File – New and now Blank Template, HTML Template, and then select the desired layout. Products can be found on a website. Starting to change the text color, design or any other change, pictures, videos, etc. can be added.
Using folders to the site to fix the template to create a website that has been mentioned so far. 
Site Planning
Prior to the creation of web pages on the site will have to decide where to have it. Without such schools have pages, how and where they will be sorted out for the buttons, the text will be to what extent, where it will be, there will be many images, etc., where there will be. If you use Photoshop to specify the size, color, pictures, titles, text, fonts, etc. You can create a sample using. When you work for clients when they will instruct you on the issue, with its logo, text, images, etc., will be keywords. They are perfectly in order; a mood-board (Mood board) will create and show it to their approval of the work site. If you do not use Photoshop, learning a rough outline for the paper to see how it can work.
Code view, Split view and design view
Dream waver 3 view modes to work. You can change the selected text in Design view, like Microsoft Word. You can view changes to the code to see the code. Put the two together and look at the view for use in Split, where the left and right of the design code can be seen in view of the workforce. Using this method is convenient because one can easily view all of the designs can be found in the actual code to make it easier to know what is being changed.
The work to develop the skills to use the code view.
If any changes need to be made after the web server by entering the right code to change (or not change is the new upload).Therefore important to know about the code.
Site Name
Open any website in the title bar is the name of the site. And if there is written Dream waver create new untitled document. You will be the beginning of the site by typing the name. It can be from multiple locations. Title instead of writing the name of your site by typing in the untitled document.
Creating a webpage using HTML code. A command is given to one place, second place is the end. This act is called tag. Such as the header (title) will be used to write header tags. Tilting brackets with marks on both sides of the tag is to write, to end with a slash (/) is used. You will begin as the header tag.
Entering the end
The header will be written in the middle of writing. Instructions for example in design view and code view, select take a look at the header text. If you want to get the header text as well as the USA, select the Design view, you can change it as you can without having to select Code view.
To Change the header tag, the new tag
How to change the tag and append it to see the new label.
. Instructions Design view; select the text type instead of USA.
. To add a new tag, type the following line
Not of anything to assist you with any type of writing appeared. From there, the type you do not you can select.
Images of USA wrote. Are you a new smooth-way header tags writes. Designed to be seen in view of the header, the header 1 to the size of the injury. If you wish to add to the header 3 or 4.
The short header 1, header 3 of the rules of the smaller works. These are used in various places on your website; it is enough to fix the value of a header.
Use the paragraph tag
Header tags are used to write, write a paragraph tag is used. This tag will be written to whatever extent will require a paragraph in the article, if there is more than one paragraph (including documents for example), then the start and end of each paragraph tag can be used.
Link tag
Create tags for links that may be a bit more complicated than that. Design view Link One, Link Two of the view that none of the selected code takes a look at this code. Design view; select the link for the time being to yourself by typing the word in the name. And there began to be referred to the tags. Although some of the tags are not required to start tracing. Use of such images.
Using Image
Dreamweaver image is known in two ways, static and dynamic. The specific conditions in which the static image is no image. No changes are made. It is the dynamic image can be removed, using the slide show may be more than one image. Dreamweaver use static images as easy as drag and drop. More than one way to do this. Do not use images that have been taken have been made before him.
  • Web page images that you want to use to open it.
  • Place the cursor where you want to click on the image
  • Use one of the following methods
Image Change
Web page was to use images from the small to the Dreamweaver. However, before doing this, then it is best to import. There are two types of jobs to be small, temporary and permanent. Temporary changes do not change the original image, the change permanent by changing the original image. However, the file does not change the disk. As a result of the browser, the user may show different.
  • Web page and select the image.
  • Windows menu, click Properties. Properties can be viewed on the panel.
  • To change the image in a manner
  • Change the selection using the handle
  • Shift-change in the proportions of drug use
  • The length and width of the type of image properties panel
  • Reset Size button in the image to the previous condition
Links to the Web page may have a variety of text or images. Whether, some type of link has its own. HTTP is the most common link; the Web pages, images, video, etc. can be used. In addition, there are links to a few more.
Telnet: // link Telnet user to another computer (host) can control.
News: // news links are used to connect to a particular news group.
Http: // links to the most commonly used. Internet use is to go to any page.
Ftp: // File Transfer Protocol is used to upload or download large files.
Dreamweaver to the document using a relative path. This method has been referred to at the beginning of the tutorial. Later, it changed the previous links will not be changed, so it should be the beginning. However, if for any reason you do not change;
  • From the Site menu, click Manage Site.
  • Click where you want to make changes to the site and click Edit.
  • Click the Advanced Setting.
  • Click Local Info.
  • Click the Document or Site Root
  • Change the Remote server’s Web URL to click and change.
  • Click Save.
Add Link
  • To add a text link, select the text stands, or to write a new text
  • From the Insert menu, select Hyperlink. The text that has been selected, it can be seen in the window. If necessary, write something there.
  • Please type the link. You can use the link to browse selected pages.
  • Target will be open to the new link say. Instead of the same document in a new window, new tab, you can select the top of the window, etc.
  • Please type in the title of Title. Unless this can be seen in the mouse pointer over the link text.
  • Access key to shortcut keys can give the link.
  • Tab index for the number of tabs can be. When the tab is the pointer to the right.
  • After all, just click OK.
Create e-mail link
  • Whatever you want to use as the link text, select
  • From the Insert menu, select email Link.
  • Please type in the e-mail addresses.
Change link
  • After making changes to any of the links to the Properties panel
  • If the panel does not open the properties Window – Properties and select Open.
  • Take the necessary changes.
Now let’s look at the style and layout of the website is truly how everything together.
You can compare it with a labeled box. Where to go, whether it would be fitting to the box. Of part 4, Margin, Border, Padding and Content-
  • How far from the left margin of the screen will be. On the first estimates of the Cartesian direction, the right, respectively, bottom and left.
  • Whether there will be a line around the border of the CSS, if its color, thickness, etc. will do.
  • Padding is the distance from the border of the original information.
  • The content of the original information of the CSS box
  • Boxes of various types according to the location of the box
When the box when creating web pages that will tell you where the box will be. There are several types, Static, Relative, Inherit, Absolute, Fixed.
  • The simplest type of static box. There will be one where there is no such offsets cannot be removed using.
  • Relative like a lot of static, there is a difference in the upper left margin changes, or to change its position.
  • Inherit parent box under. More changes with the change of the parent.
  • Absolute specific pixels are in the box, does not change with everything else. Is commonly called, do not use this method.
  • The main Web page is the place Fixed box.

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