Everything you need to know in building your wireless home network setup

The most important thing in making a wireless home network setup is having internet connection sharing so you will need a modem, that will be provided by your internet provider and you will also need an ISP subscription. The next piece who wants an internet connection is a router. You can`t have a home network setup without it.
You can have a router with a wireless access point or without one, it is your decision. The router is a key piece for your home network setup, it takes all the PCs within your home network and it assigns them their own individual addresses, so that they know where to find each other when they want to send and receive data.
wireless home network setup
The router is the backbone that allows every device to know where every other devices are, and to transfer data through your home network setup. You will need to set up the router so that your home network setup is fully functional, for that you will need to check for the Windows 7 logo, or check that it is compatible with Windows 7. You can install the router by entering the Cd it has come with, it will assist you set by step in the home network setup. If you don`t have a Cd, or you want to install your router automatically, you can use the latest version of Windows Connect Now (WCN) on Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

After you installed the router, you will need to expand your home network setup, by buying  devices that are compatible with your operating system. You install them by following the instructions that came with the device or go to your control panel and click “Add a device or computer to a network”, and then your home network setup will be complete.

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