Facebook account hacked how to fix

Facebook account hacked how to fix in many ways. But most of the time the user’s incapability, weakness and indifference are salient. In modern science and technology social network plays an important role. Following tips are very important to protect your account. In case of computer technology social network provides better result.
Now it is considered the good technology of communication.
1. Sometimes Most of the users permit unknown application which may create a great hazard. So be careful to permit unknown apps. This app can hack your all information.
2. Another way is to hack your account through sharing video in online. It is the most effective way for the present spammer.
3. During video playing if you tell to install any program without flash player, then be careful. Don’t install that program.

4. If you are a popular admin of the popular Facebook page, then you will get various messages from Facebook team, security team and Facebook security. You must verify this message before permit.

You must protect your account through following way.
Add your account through phone number and keep “only me” privacy. To give an exceptional answer during the answer of security question. Those people you know personally then make them your friend. Change your password at regular basis. To give an exceptional password. E-mail which is related to facebook, ensure proper security. In case of e-mail starts 2-step verification. At the particular time clear your browser history. 
So, I hope that these tips will help you to protect your account. In modern science and technology various apps updated daily to help you as well as to spoil your account. In future technology, the programme will bring more updated apps for us.

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