Facebook jobs and Facebook careers with salary comparison

The world’s most popular social networking site Facebook, so many people has interest about the salary of their staff. Facebook has variations in their facebook jobs and facebook careers with salary comparison than any other office staff. The heart of Silicon Valley in the United States who are working in the office of the City on Facebook to get the salary of recently published a list of facebook jobs and facebook careers with salary comparison. According to the website, Facebook executives Mark Zuckerberg’s salary just one dollar a year. But, in Facebook has his personal shares 28 percent (according to the latest news in 2012). In below showing the facebook jobs and facebook careers with salary comparison:
*Engineering manager salary is 291800 dollar per year.
*Software Engineer salary is 198700 dollar
*Senior Software Engineer salaries is 162200 dollar,
*Software engineering salary of years is 161100 dollar,
*Facebook product manager get 149200 dollar per year’s.
apart from that those who play money related game in facebook, their monthly salary are:
* The Data Scientist salary is 142500 dollar
*Software Engineer salary is 140725 dollar
*Technical Program Manager, Salary is 134700 dollar
*Research Scientist salary is 132500 dollar
*Software Engineer (3) received 131200 dollar
*Network Engineer salary is 122900 dollar
*Data engineer get 112700 dollar
*User Interface Engineer salary is 112500 dollar
*The production engineer get 101700 dollar
*The Product Analyst salary is 91200 dollar

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