Five bad issues of the android operating system

At present in the world of smartphone, there is no room to doubt that android operating system based android is going ahead. But in this universe it is not sure that all the things are perfect so we can’t tell with sure that the android phone also perfect. So now here I tell about the five bad issues of the android. Most of the time I am telling you about the good side of android but today I am telling you about the bad side of the android. So let’s start:

android operating system

• Continuously update:

You may observe that software in continuously update in android based operating system than other operating system. But you are telling, “update in better for phone”. What is the problem? The problem is that you may observe when android is going to update then other apps or games automatically update and to install those requirements are needed in last version of android. But most of the devices will not get the updates so these devices are derived from installing the application. Here I show a statistics so that you can understand. In May, 2015 only 9.7% android device takes lollypop version (among them android version 5.0 takes 9% and android version 5.1 takes 0.7%) and 39.8% devices take KitKat version.
• Advertisement:
During playing any games and using any app you may get various types of pop-up advertisement. It is very irritating. When we find any pop-up advertisement during playing game then it is very irritating. Yes, it is bad sides of android.
• Malware:
Any operating system is not safe and at present android platform is the main target for the hacker. There is less possibility to attack by malware which is installed by the Google play store but other app store is remaining risky position. Although most of the users use credit card with the Google play store, there is a highly possibility to hack all personal information. Besides this many of our personal information is stored in our mobile, isn’t it?
• Bug in also stable release:
I have already told you that operating system is not perfect in 100%. Again it is true that if you detect any bug then you can solve this by a little update. Most of the bug fixing can cost your data maximum 10 megabytes. But all of these for minor bug.  Android provides its service around the world; it would remain a major stable bug, shouldn’t it? For an example in terms of android lollypop, there have no solution for RAM leakage and battery draining problem.
• Privacy issue:
Google provides us various services as well as collects information from us. One of the legends said, “Nothing is free”. So it is normal for the Google in terms of giving service. So from the location access, Google collects various permissions from us in the absence of our conscious.

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