Five tablet problems and solutions why the user is not buying the tab.

User may think what he has lacking of though he has smart phone, tablet problems and solutions. User may think that he feel the needs to buy a tab. If you have laptop, desktop or tablet to perform your task then it will unnecessary to buy a tab. Why it is unnecessary to purchase a tab, some causes here presenting for you:
> Difficult to bear:
Smartphone or laptop is very easy to bear. Because for the smartphone you can use your pocket and for the laptop you can use your bag especially for laptop. In smartphone you can get all the things with very closely that means internet browsing, and from the laptop you can get all types of task such as watching movie as well as internet browsing. But tab in one type of things you can’t put it in your hand or in your pocket. Again you can’t use extra bag to bear tab. So you will not get extra benefit from the tab.
> There is no extra benefit in tab than the smartphone:
Tab can do same things that your smartphone do. There is no extra benefit of the tab without big screen. There is no work that will only perform through the tab. That means user can perform all the tasks that he perform in the smartphone. For the big screen it is extra benefit for the user to watch movie or watch video song. Only to consider these two things will you buy the tab?
> Low number of application for the tab:
There is another cause not to purchase tab. There are low number of applications for the tab. IOS or all applications of the android only prepared for the smartphone. So in this aspect the tab user or the buyer lag behind from the smartphone user.
> Limited storage:
There is always limited storage for the tab. User can’t use extra memory card for the tab. Most of the tabs are remain from 8 to 16 gigabyte memory. Whereas the smartphone provides memory space more than the tab. You can’t find in the market from 250 to 500 gigabyte storage tablet as like as laptop.
> The lacking of connectivity port:
It is not better task to purchase tab rather than laptop. To consider the demand of the customer the tablet producer makes the tablet more thin and attractive. But to do this most of the important ports have been discarded from the tab. In the market that types of tab remain, most of the tabs have a micro USB port as well as 3.5 MM audio jack.
In smartphone remains the same. But in the tab thereis no full sized USB or VGA/HDMI port which is remain in the laptop. As a result user can’t connect tablet with printer or television. As a result from most of the things you may deprive. 

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