Flash animation tutorial for beginners with examples

The general concept of flash animation tutorial for beginners with examples is here you must draw every frame. Whether it may draw on paper or draw on computer. At present the entire task has been completed by computer.
Among the benefits of 2d animation, the main benefit is to draw the same picture again and again. But in a true sense the main objective is there is no need to draw every frame. The ball drops from upper to down and to show this you have been drawing this in various frames. But in animation software only two frames is enough. In first frame you can keep the original position of the ball and in the 25th frame you can show the last destination of the ball. The animation software performs the middle frames. Even to moderate the speed or to change any this all of these can be performed by software. The change of frames between the two key frames is called tui. There are two types of twin in a flash. One is motion twin that is used for changing speed and another is sap twin that is used for changing size or structure.
Motion twin: motion twin is the most heavily used in animation system. Here I show an example. In this picture a sun is remained with field and trees. By using motion tool the sun is keeping up from under. Usually it is a morning seen.
Come to the sun in a stage and keep a separate layer from 1 number frame. Prepare a symbol by pressing f8 if it is not convert a symbol and select a name. Here a graphic symbol has been preparing called sun. The command of motion twin can be used from timeline or stage. In any system, select create motion twin through right click on the sun. Regarding using motion tool, the color is being blue. The sap twin may be green. Resize others layer if it is not perfect size. For example: for second layer press f5 to select 25th frame. You can extent it as your wish and to create new frame press f5. Bring time snider where sun lasts. There is no need to select layer.  Keep aside the sun in a specific place. Prepare a frame to change the place for flash animation. Its passage shows with a dotted line and Open the animation.
Preparing key frame in anytime some tasks can be performed such as rotating, changing color or resizing. To become bright from light color do this following process.
·         To bring time snider between key frame.
·         Select insert key frame – all by right click on the layer. As a result you can get the opportunity to change all of these things.
·         Select that key frame you want to change.
·         You will get the opportunity to change color, brightness, transparency from properties panel color effect option.
As like as example you can transfer the sun from one place to another place. Again if you want to use animation then click double in the symbol of sun. Motion twin may be used animated symbol.
Sap twin: motion twin can be used in any object or symbol. Regarding sap twin this rule is specific, that must be vector sap. You can’t use symbol or group. You can use sap twin to convert general face to smiley face.
·         Prepare a shape as like as example.
·         Create another key frame in facilitated area.
·         Select create shape down by right click.
·         Change sap in the next key frame.
·         Play the animation.
Motion twin and sap twin you can tell this 2D animation building block. All 2D cartoon are made on the basis of these.

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