For deleting aids and syphilis treatment guidelines there is needed a device

This device is attached with the smartphone and needs only one drop blood then disease can be detected within 15 minutes. This smartphone based device has been prepared by the syphilis treatment guidelines and United States researcher. Recently this device has been started primarily in the African country Ruanda.  
The MIT technology review says that a group of researcher who is the Columbia University of united states, New York invented this smartphone based device. The leader of this invention is the teacher of this university named Samuel. Last Thursday the science periodical of science translation medicine was published this research based report. The researcher says the size of smartphone based device is the same as smartphone. It is made of plastic and can easily bear with pocket and hand. A slightly power is required to operate this device. The source of this power is the jack of ear phone. The researcher says which amount of power is reserved in an IPAD by using that power 41 examine is possible to accomplish. By using only one drop blood it is easy to detect aids and syphilis. The separate Curtis has been used to detect the disease. The estimate cost is less than one dollar to detect disease. The researcher tells about work process of smartphone based disease detectable device. They say that collect one drop of blood from any person and bring it through Curtis. There with the specimen with the blood other chemical has been mixed. Then the Curtis has entered into the machine. The antibody has been mixed with the small particle of the gold which remains in the Curtis. A film has been made around the particle of the gold mixed with the small particle of the silver. This information has been analyzed with the smartphone and then detect whether the disease is present or not.  The result of the analysis has been found in smartphone. The researcher Samuel says that the system of antibody based disease detects is called alias. Normally to conduct this test needed the big size lab. The test is very expensive. This system has been followed in smartphone based blood test device. But in this case the cost is very little and there is no need big size lab.Before this Samuel was invented the cancer research device of digestive system. Then this device is also marketed by OPEKEYO health of Miami. For some years with the lead of Samuel a group of researcher conducts a research to detect the disease and its procedures. They are also used a software to reserve the result of the detect disease. The health worker of the Ruanda run on their test through the smart phone based detectable device.  
Under this project this examines is applied on 96 people. This device is effective and it is proved to 92% to 100%. The researcher Samuel says at present they work on with big project.

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