For IPHONE 7 never needs charge

In the touchy display for iPhone 7 there is a special solar cell must be presented. As a result in the day user can easily charge the battery of iPhone. Without the connection of electrical wire the duration of the battery must keep for the long time.
The new version of iPhone brings more new technology. This is a continuous process of iPhone and the authority of iPhone also keeps it in iPhone 7.
For IPHONE 7 never needs charge
In this version iPhone will add solar panel with iPhone 7. As a result in the day time iPhone can be charged. User can use iPhone for long time without charging through electrical wire. In the planning of the apple the extra parts of the touch screen as well as under the touch screen setting up solar panel with strategically. For this technology apple recently has been registered a patent. This patent is occurred in United States and said that a solar panel must be attached with the screen of Mac book track pad, iPhone, IPAD and apple watch. In this patent also said that the battery had been charged in the day time through the solar panel attached with display. But how it done by apple and how it is performed is not precisely told in this patent. But the smart phone producing company has been benefited if this technology will remain. The patent of the apple also says that the mouse track pad of the desktop computer, keyboard and the various devices of battery based can be attached this solar panel. In the report of express we can know that it is not new to set up a solar panel in the device. In the long time it had been applicable in wrist watch. As a result the battery duration of the wrist watch has been performed long time. In the recent week the officials of the apple tells about this new technology and the pay system of the apple. They tell tat in the wireless device touch recognize technology and solar panel must present and it also produces power from light. Again the technology of touch recognition also performs in the power energy which is produced by solar panel. But user can charge his phone from wired connection. The battery duration of the solar system based increases the battery duration more than one day from the usual iPhone battery duration. The new innovation of the technology has been patented by apple. But most of time it has no value. Because from the research and development department of the apple most of the time it is not released in the market. A rumor has listened for the long time is that from the iPhone home button and touch id may be removed. Instead of home button iPhone will bring such a button that will perform through the press. If In the design of the apple had been a great changed, it would have gave the benefit of the apple to set up solar panel. So the user who always upset about the battery duration waits until the released of the iPhone 7. Meanwhile in the iPhone 6 which is waiting to come in the market has big and long duration battery. Besides this to increase the battery duration of the old device apple updated the new version. The research and development department says if the updated version is applicable in the IOS 9 it will provide the battery duration more than one hour. At present the beta version is available and as soon as possible user may get the whole version.

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