For those reasons the twitter ceo resigns from his position

With the pressure of the investors the CEO of micro blogging site called twitter has been resigned. The name of the twitter ceo resigns is DICK COSTOLA. Basically in 2013 when this site published its share in the market then various pressure has been come to him. Once upon a time twitter is considered the main competitor of the facebook. But after sometimes twitter is lag behind bot business and familiar. The news media of India called India today informed us about the resign issues of the Dick.
CEO of micro blogging site
CEO of twitter –DICK COSTOLA 

> The less user rather than facebook:

Where the user of facebook is now at 100 corers, but on the other hand the user of twitter only 30 corers. Even there is no way to increase this amount. They are very upset to see this because of they are more lag behind from the face book. Even it has been thought that the user of INSTAGRAM will cross the number of twitter user. Under the supervision of dick they will unable to pass this depression.
> The lacking of clearness to the user:
The activities of the twitter is not clear to all. Whether twitter will support other application or not? Are they provide the facility to the user to increase the characters of the writing or to remain the number of character of the writing within 140? Whether twitter is operating alone or performing its task with the developer? In these sites dick is unable to provide clear information to the user. Rather than he takes more serious decision that’s why twitter will lag behind from the face book.
> There is no specific business model:
Twitter will not be profitable regarding business. Basically twitter is mainly responsible for this. Here the space is so limited that there is no way to publish advertisement or any writing. As well as the number of user is very short so it can’t attract the advertiser. In this terms dick is failure to overcome this problem.
> Shortage of self-introduction:
What is twitter? What is the activities of the user in twitter? Someone says that it is the micro blogging service. Again most of the people think that it is the social communication media. But no answer is not enough to satisfy the user. Because it is obscure to understand its activities. Face book is mainly known as social communication media but twitter is unable to create such kind of position. Rather most of the user think twitter as a media company than social communication media. Dick is unable to take proper strategy as well to apply the actions.
> Miss the chance one after one:
In the court of twitter, they get the chance one after one but they are failure to proper use of the chance. Where the face book gets the user facility to chat with others, twitter is unable to provide this. Rather than user must keep his writing within 140 characters. But after the resign of the dick the twitter authority prescribes that they will increase the character for writing. As like as facebook, what’s app, and VIBER provide the facility that the facebook provides. Twitter always failure to provide such kinds of facility. In terms of search when twitter is together with google then they are familiar to the user. Because when user search anything in google then the searching related tweet user can see. After that twitter is come out from the google and together with the Bing operated by Microsoft and then the position of the twitter is very worse. This type of decision creates a great hazard for the twitter. 

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