Free flash website builder software for preparing

It is very easy to prepare attractive website by using flash. That website performs all tasks such as flash animation, interactivity as well as others. Before preparing website, you must recognize the general features. How you can recognize this.
Preparing two folders under that folder for which you will work. One is used for during working and another is using for final files. The name of these may be my _ website and working. Copy some images or other files that you are using during your work at working folder. You must work with two types of file. One is FLA and other is SWF. FLA files can only open through flash software and SWF is for all and these files are not opened. You must keep this site. Command from menu and start flash for document preparing, size, preparing color and save and select action script 3.0 or select action script 3.0 from startup dialogue box. To prepare the size of document and color commands modify _document from menu. The pixel of website must be typed. Usually the width may be 960 to 980 and the height may be similar to site. Clock color besides background color and select that color which you want to use as a background color. To save document commands file – save from menu and Save this as a working folder (for example my – website).
Using guide: using guide and it will help you to save various elementary. Command view rulers from menu and you will get ruler from beside and upper. Click upper ruler and drag this header of document or determine particular place for header for using. You can use more than one guide as you need. As a result during using image it is easy for you to size this. To keep some which is similar to guide commands view snapping from menu and press right click snap to guides.
Drawing background: navigation buttons are used as a background for one time. To add something new, it is better to prepare separate layer.
·         Preparing a layer and select tool.
·          Now select a rectangular tool.
·         Select proper color for fill. It is better not to any color for stroke line.
·         Prepare rectangle through drag.
·         Set up it proper place.
·         You can change it, if you feel need to change it.
Preparing header:
·         Photoshop or other place you can use image as a header and on the basis of specific size you can prepare header. You can use format for transparency and you can use format without transparency.
·         Prepare new layer in your timeline.
·         To import image file commands file- import- import to stage.
·         Selecting image file.
·         Placed it proper place.
Using vector art: You can prepare vector art in your flash. Beside this you can use illustrator which is prepared in other place or vector art from internet. During using illustrator art, you can use it as a bitmap.
·         Preparing new layer in your timeline.
·          To import vector image Commands file – import – import to stage.
·         Select image file.
·         Change if you want to change any option.
·         Placed it proper place.
Preparing button:
·         Using text or image for button, import those or prepared and placed those proper place.  Active this button and see a separate tutorial to prepare animated button.
Using object more than one: convert any object to symbol to use it various place. As a result drag from library it can be used in more than one page.
·         Select this object.
·         Command from menu modify – convert to symbol.
·         Given to the name of symbol and select type.
·         Separate tutorial for graphics symbol and movie clip symbol.

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