Have your computer take auto restart?? Here is the easy solution.

In modern technology, computer is the one of the best technological device. Sometimes our computer takes auto restart again and again which is very irritating for us. Let’s go to see the cause of this problem and its solution. It may occur for Ram, Hard Disk, extreme heat, USB, operating system and others.

The complication in operating system: Modern technology creates some operating system for the computer. Pc may restart if some complications appeared in the operating system or the operating system became crash. Pc may take restart if the operating system in window’s default system appeared complication. To stop default system go to my computer and click the right of my computer then from properties go to advance tab/start up and recovery/ setting. Now withdraw the ok emblem from automatically option which includes the system failure option. For various viruses PC may restart. For this reason, always keep updated version of antivirus. Regularly scan your PC.
Hardware problem: In computer technology hardware is the important parts of the computer. To add new hardware and if the hardware is not perfect for the computer, PC may take restart. If the technical fault appeared in the old hardware, PC may take restart. For this reason check the connection of the hardware whether is it ok or not.
For installation of new program: In modern era, of science and technology, various programs have been developed for the computer. Most of the time for installs new software or game, PC take restart. If the software and game are not compatible with the computer, the problem may create. So install the program with carefully.
Fault in hard disk: Hard disk is the major components of the computer which is the integral part of the good technology. For major fault of the hard disk, PC takes restart. For this fault hard disk can’t read data. For this reason PC can restart. So it is important to scan the hard disk for identifying the problem. How I can stop the restart? Through mouse click turn off/ restart from start and then pc takes restart. Through keyboard press windows and then press U. then press R. (windows key +u +r). Through command, write run/shut down –r-t2 from start. That means go to run and then write shut down-r-t2. Then put your according to your choice to stop PC or restart. 

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