Head transplant- created new possibility in medical science

For the betterment of technology advances medical field of the unbelievable things become the part of our life. Medical science is the part among them. For the development of medical science many severe diseases bring to control. Day by day our medical science has become powerful.
The severe disease of cancer can also be controlled through medical science. The complicated operation as like as eyes has become completing through laser light process without any and anesthesia. Through medical research new treatment system and new treatment instrument has become discovered. As a result a new treatment has been added in medical science called head transplant through which one’s head has been transplant into others body.
Recently Italian surgeon Dr. Sergio has been announced about this surgery. He says that this surgery is being possible. This surgery has become considered others parts of the body transplant such as kidney transplant, cardiology transplant, but the difference is that the donor donates his full body without any specific part.
That means here donor is the brain dead person who has dead because of this disability of his brain but his other parts of the body is able and the receiver is those persons whose brain effectively is good but his life is at stake because of attacked in severe disease.
In 1970 first head transplant operation had been occurred on the monkey. That time there is no technology to transplant spinal cord so that the spinal cord is not attached effectively on the monkey. As a result the monkey is not move well and it has been dead after 8 days of operation. Now spinal cord has been available to the doctor that’s why Dr. Sergio takes initiative to head transplant.
 If this transplant has become succeed then the issue of soul will become necessary for the time.  The means of the success of heart transplant is that save the existence of any person.

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