Help me choose a smartphone or android and android buying guide

At present, the android phone of operating system is become familiar day by day. Other operating system based phone is lag behind or will unable to compete with android phone. Help me choose a smartphone?  In this case you can also purchase android phone by seeing this issue. Let’s go about 10 important tasks after purchasing android.
• Add google account:
After starting your android phone you must tell to add google account. You must do this. Because of through google account you can enjoy all services of the google. Without google account you can’t enter google play store in your mobile. Many apps are stored in google play store. So google account will help you to login google play store.
• Decorate home screen:
Erase unnecessary widgets from your android phone. Because of your mobile may become slow for these widgets. Sometimes your mobile is not perform well. So it is necessary to erase some widgets from your mobile. As a result, your mobile performs with fast and you can set other necessary shortcut in your mobile.
• Deleting unnecessary app:
In a new android phone various apps have been installed. Among these most of the apps are unnecessary. So you must find out these apps and uninstall these apps. As a result your ram will evacuate. You will get better performance.
• Gmail setting:
Now setting your gmail app in your own way after opening gmail app. As a result you have no tension about your mail.
• Photo backup:
If your mobile has a photo backup software called (google plus+photo) then from backup option you will choose unlimited option. Because of through this your all pictures and videos are remaining safe.
• Setting google play store:
Now go to your google play store setting. Then withdraw right button from “add icon to home screen”. As a result, if you install new app then no short cut will not make in your home screen.
• Device manager:
It is very important app. If your phone has lost then you can find your app through this app. Device manager set up is very easy. You can easily setup device manager app in your android phone.
• Download some apps:
Now some necessary apps you can download from google play store. Because of during purchasing android phone all of the necessary software are not building with your phone. So some necessary apps you must download from google play store. Through google account you can login google play store and can download your necessary apps. As a result you will get new experience regarding using mobile.
• Setting widgets in your home screen:
Some widgets you can set up in your mobile according to your necessity. Through this some tasks can be performed instead of opening software. Setting new widgets will help you from opening new software. Setting widgets may be such as: checking mail and watching facebook timeline etc.
• Notification:
You may have installed some software for your mobile. Among these some software will show you notification again and again in your notification bar. To escape from this problem then you must go application or apps. Then from that place you can turn off notification according to your necessity.

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