How a how to convert fb account to page, follow the instructions.?

Now discussing about all of you that which Procedure you would be a How a how to convert fb account to page? First will be discussing about some Advantages and Disadvantages
 Advantages of these:
1, So many friends will remain in your ID, after transformation of page so many like will remain. As a result you get easily many friends in one page. Because it is not easy to get like open a new page.
Disadvantages of these:
1, All data would done to deleted.
2, Again it will not be possible to Back.
So, thinking and watching with sense what will do. Those who wants to upgrade they should done which system is under.
If your have more than one face book Profile and if you want that a Profile saved but another converted to a page, in that case this tune is for you. If you want your business or another’s name would be done. In this purpose all friends of that Profile will converted to that page’s Fan list.
Ok, come to the point. First you log in that Profile which you want to Converted. But remember one thing and that is which name the page will do before that profile name must be done that name, because during the time of page convert which name will remain in your profile that name will be in your page name. You could not change that. During the time to change of profile name, change carefully. Because change of name one time you will not again change the name before 60 days. If the friends out of profile less then 200 than after convert of page you could change the name of page.
Now, due to Log in that Profile go to the link which is under.
Then select any one category. Then, from here you select a category and then click on a Get Started Button. Now delivered that information which information that wants OK finished the work If you want to manage this page by Log in of this profiles username and password or going to setting Page Roles whose you want to appoint as Admin add his E-mail and his Axes must be an Admin. Ok now you will Axes this page which profile and will manage from there. 

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