How do you connect with internet download manager torrent?

What is download manager torrent?
Download manager torrent now very familiar sound, especially if you think of the movie comes to mind. Large size files, video or software is used to download the torrent too. The torrent file is actually not only a Web address that indicates the file locations. The torrent technology was invented in 001 Bram Cohen.
Torrent How does it work?
How do we make sense of the torrent of data now and save us so much faster file downloads? Peer to peer file sharing method to follow the torrent to download. Based on download data from across the world use it to reduce.
transformers torrent1) The data are kept on a server. We will address to download the torrent file the form.
2) The movie server, and it is being downloaded from various countries around the world. Many computer will download the movie has ended. Others may or someone nearing the half being downloaded for free. Now that everyone is downloading the same file from different computers. So you can download the movie file on the computer all the time download files from your computer will be. That is, the film will act as a link with the PC servers. As a result, you can download it from torrents anything very quickly as a result of the use of your data and reduce costs. You can download files quickly. The torrent you understand some of the general words. When you download something from the torrent, which may have some common words we cannot understand or do not try to understand. But today we know about them.
1.    SEED
If you ever download anything from torrent sites at the end if we have written “please SEED” What is it? I never knew before, like the word (Mehdi brother clear concept). SEED is putting those who have already downloaded the file so that those who are downloading the file from the PC to download to finish with all the information you can download the file. (There’s my completely fulfill the server is downloaded to the PC for the file), which will benefit you to download quickly.
2.    Peers
Peers are people who still have not downloaded the entire file, but from those fragmented part of the Peer you downloaded.
3.    Leeching
Users download the torrent file that has been deleted or the PC is not the Seed to disconnect the Internet. It reduces the speed of the download.
4.    Up Limit
Up Limit download to your PC at the end of the measurement of how quickly the Seed.

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