How technology has changed our lives for the better

How technology has changed our lives for the better”
Farmer robot:
For agriculture many instruments has been used. But to operate this instruments need an expert farmer. Although to perform huge amount of task, all credit go to the farmer. Because of caring harvest, seeding harvest, and during harvest farmers are using their instrument. The scientists are trying hoe to use instrument instead of farmer. That’s why they are inventing farmer robot.
PC as like as flexible page and mobile phone:
At present where slim smartphone and tablet are starting competition, is there illogical to think about flexible page type pc and mobile phone? Now a day technology has reach is those position where to get anything needs imagination power. That you imagine you can get after some year. At present such type of prototype device has been made which is flexible as like as page and thin. But people are waiting for some time to get this.
Holographic television:
Holographic TV is the invention in technology world. Through this holographic TV, you can think that all are happening in front your eyes. If we talk about virtual reality always comes first holographic TV. 
Wireless electricity:
You may hear about the wireless charger. You may be seen in developed countries. But miracle is that about this wireless electricity talk about 100 years ago from now NICHOLS TESLA. But borrowing is that he was distressed, poor and a mad people. Now his assumption is become reality. 

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