How the AVIRA ANTIVIRUS 2017 would be done to uninstall or Remove?

Today will be discussed with all of you about how the AVIRA ANTIVIRUS 2017 would be done to uninstall or remove. Let’s see how to done that. 

Some comments of AVIRA ANTIVIRUS-2015:
Here’s who have to install the AVIRA ANTIVIRUS-2015 in their P.C, but some of them has not done to uninstall or remove it. Its specific reason is AVIRA ANTIVIRUS-2015 is a new & free version, that’s why they have to close to uninstalling or remove from their program for the security. For that, at present many people face verities problem to uninstall it. But yes, if you take some step to uninstall the AVIRA ANTIVIRUS. You will be able to uninstall it. For that, you would use the software of the “Special uninstaller “Would be downloading the software from Google. Come to see the next works.
1. Installed the software of the “Special Uninstaller”.
2. Open the “Special Uninstaller” and found the AVIRA ANTIVIRUS -2015 from the program list.
3. Removing from program click on the “RUN UNINSTALLER”
4. Wait sometimes for removing it.
5. Next time scans it fully on the button of “Scan Leftovers “Then remove from here of whole leftover.
Then click on “Back Button” In the same way. After finished your work closes the removal tools & Restart your PC. You will get verifies software by online, but I hope the “Special Uninstaller “
Is better & faster workable than another. To get the solve from problem watching a video tutorial of “Special Uninstaller”.
Control Panel: After work of “Special Uninstaller” you will remove fully of “AVIRA ANTIVIRUS-2015” from your PC control panel. First click on start button then control panel’s program, from program to uninstall a program. Here will be found all software list with installing. From here done to uninstall of the “AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS”. When completed to remove the “AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS” then the same way done to Uninstall of the “AVIRA”. 
Now Restart your PC then start which is under to search Box and type there “Regedit” and then open it. If found any type of AVIRA program from registry editor you will delete that and check clearly that, have their any file or folder of AVIRA program. If found delete that all. Hope, you will solve your problem in this way. 

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