How to add google map for website?

Google for Map of the vehicle to use the Internet, and it is not unthinkable. However, some say that part of Google Maps for starters map is very useful thing. Google maps can easily learn about different places of the world. The demand for, and use of technology to keep up with a unique technology in the world.
It is especially effective in groups of buyers shopping for a website and find out the location of buyer, and community Web sites or locations using the map are missing some extra wandering now. However, to say nothing of many things, my discussion today, “blogspot how to add Google Maps”.
how to add google map to website
First, go to this link then the place where you want to sustain your blog to the search. Now you can get your location a little down on the Settings button and the “Share or embed map” Click
The page will see a “Share link” and “Embed map” there are two options from the “Embed map” click, and then click on a box to get a copy of the diaper box code. Copy the code of your requirements before you choose the right size. Then copy the code.
Then login to your Blogger blog and Dashboard Layout → Add a Gadget → HTML / JavaScript, click and copy and paste the code above in the house, put the Save Content on the day. Just choose the course you want to show places by Map.

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