How to be successful on Youtube – Edit your videos like a pro!

Before you get too carried away with all the fame and success you can get from an Youtube video, don`t forget first off you will need content for your channel, something funny like your dog doing some amazing tricks or film yourself doing a “How To” video or anything you are good at, or maybe you are lucky and get to record some crazy event happening near you. After you have your video content edit it with a video editing software, don`t worry there are a lot of video editing software that are free to use.
One great video editing software free download program is Ezvid, like the name, it is really easy to use, very user friendly and easy to learn, you can control the speed of your video, split videos, merge videos, trim&cut, it has drag&drop so it`s a piece of cake.
Another good video editing software free download tool is Cyberlink Free, you can edit your videos in any format you like AVI, MPEG, MP4, FLV, SWF, MOV and WMV, this program is quite limited without a lot of  special effects but can share videos to Youtube really fast simpleAnd last but not least we have Windows Movie Maker, the best video editing software free download program that Microsoft has to offer, unfortunately it runs only on Windows Vista or Windows 7, easy to use even for beginners, with this program you can create beautiful slideshows, import audio from any source and save your work in any format.
Put a lot of cool looking effects on the video, trim it, add some nice audio to it, feel free to do whatever you want with it but make sure the final product is professional looking, this will get the subscribers coming! And provide good  regular content.

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