How to choose color combinations for website

For any design color is important. how to choose color combinations for website In online there are many websites, essays and software with many colors. But these huge articles bring disadvantages rather than advantages. Here I talk about the usage of color and provide information some websites regarding color.
MUDCUP COLOR: It is the little resource of the color that is usable. This site provides hex code for every color. This site will also help you to create any type of color skim. If you are not sure in terms of which color of skim you used then you will get the drop down menu of MUDCUP. The Website is:
COLOR HAIL PIXEL: Color hail pixel is a little web application that will help you to choose color. You will get all information if you are positioning the mouse in any place of the screen. This site will provide you all of the HEXACODE for your site. The Website is:
CHECK MY COLOR: It is tool for web designer that will check the background of website as well as all types of combination of the color. According to the direction of W3C it will check the brightness of color as well as other issues. The Website is:
COLOR HUNTER: At the first stage you may appear that it is a very normal tool but in a true sense it is very important tool that will help to make color skim according to your wish. Suppose you like the color skim of any picture then through this site you can prepare that color skim. The website is:
COLOR LOVER: Actually it is the social communication site where the artists of various countries share their color, plate and patterns. This site is decorated nicely through the combination of community, necessary elements, and channel. This site will obviously attract you. As well as this site is filled with various essays, and various creativity. The website is:
COLRD: Those who are working with color this site is suit for them. It is a very funny site. Through this site you can share any skim of color, theme, or plate as well as this site will; help you to get your favorite color theme. The website is:
COLOR MATTER: If you want to continue your study about color then you can use this website. The professor ZILL founded this website who studied in your whole life about color. This site is filled with various information and theory. The information is presented with seven tabs at home page. The website is:
ADOBE CC: The part of creative cloud is adobe cc where you can operate various examine with color. Among the thousands of theme you can select your desired color. The site is very easy to use. Go to theme section and you select your desired theme. The website is:
PALETTON: Once upon a time PALETTON was known as color skim designer. The site is very little but the main fact is that the site is very effective. Through this site you can see preview the theme that you are prepared with various colors as well as how blind people can visit this site. The website is:

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