How to earn money from developing android apps & how to make money android

Most of you are trying to earn dollar from  how to make money android. Most of the users have been used MCENT app or others. But do you achieve your goal? I am also using MCENT but it can’t be satisfied me. Because there rate is very low. Again sometimes there app is not showed.
Then I can see that other app name WHAFF performs well. First I think that is a very lower class app. Then I am using it some days. About 22 dollar I was earning from this app. So I want to share it with you.
The following contents are that:
• You will get 0.05-0.12 dollar if you install WHAFF from play store.
• You will get 0.02-0.1 if you use it every day. But it will provide for a specific time.
• If you will not install the app, you will get 0.01-0.1 dollar.
• On the basis of WHAFF you will get 0.1 dollar.
• In Google plus if you will give add of WHAFF then you get 0.1 dollar.
• It is also supporting referral. So you can also earn from referral.
• It is very easy to use.
• Besides this if you invite anyone then you will get 0.5 dollar and other will also get .5 dollar.
The process of payout dollar:
• Google play gift card(at least 12 dollar)
• Amazon gift card(at least 10.5 dollar)
• PAYPAL(at least 10.5 dollar)
• ITunes gift card(at least 12 dollar)
• Xbox gift card(at least 10.5 dollar)
• Face book gift card(at least 12 dollar)
• Pay station gift card(at least 10.5 dollar)
• Steam gift card(at least 22 dollar)
So let’s start
1. First download WHAFF in your mobile.
2. Then open the app and login.
3. Then come out Facebook login window and there login through your email id and password.
4. Then click ok button.
5. You can sign in after click ok. Then you can see the window and there write BV51366 and click ok. It is my invitation card. After writing this code you will get .5 dollar and I also get .5 dollar.
6. If you will not give the code then you are not get dollar.
7. After giving code you can find a window and there you can see huge apps. Then download all these apps and earn dollar.
8. If you check daily attendance in WHAFF then you will get 0.01 dollar. You are getting 0.01 dollar if you will click “check your attendance and get rewards”.
9. Then click the WHAFF logo and you can see a menu. There you can see the option called invite friend. After clicking you can see your invitation code and you will earn dollar if you will share it with your friend. Payment proved.

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