Tips to increase facebook likes free fast

At a present time Facebook is the famous social network site. It is very useful for those users who have been lost their school, college or university friend. The aged people are also increase facebook likes free fast involved in using Facebook. Not only young people but also aged people whose age is 50+ can use Facebook to get their old friend or to post their expressions, feelings, emotions and so on.
The social communication site Facebook is spread in the whole world with very fast. Every day it brings the new feature or change its structure, logo and contents. Facebook is not only famous for chatting but also famous for upload picture, writing and so on. Most of the user pass their whole time at Facebook. Now a day the most famous issue of Facebook is sharing post. The common question among the user is when they can get more like in terms of post. As a result the most of the time the user pass to think about this. User always want to make his post attract so that more and more likes and comments he can be given. But sometimes it may occur that user consume a lot of time and give post in the Facebook from his own trying and memory but will not get enough like or comment that he desire. What is the main cause?  The researchers say that time is the main fact. User must consider the proper time to give post.  Your post is more unique but you will not get the proper value if you will not consider time. Then? What is the perfect time to post face book? From the research of we get the information that in the working hours of the working days the user get more likes and comments. The working hours means that from morning 9 A.M to noon 5 P.M. then after giving the break again from the evening 7 P.M TO 8 P.M most of the user stay with face book and in this time the user get more likes and comments. But in the weekend days it is not applicable. Because a great change has been occurred in weekend days and its impact fall in social media. So the researcher says that it is better not to give post in the weekend days. The weekend days means that in Saturday and Sunday. So the researcher says that wait for the next day. The researchers of the lithium technologies at United States, SANFRANSISCO say that what the general people will see and will like depend on some issues. It can be changed on the basis of the activities of the weekend days. Again in which area the user remains or travel outside from his actual place these factors also plays an important role in the facebook post. The researcher says that within two hours the user gets likes and comments after giving post and regarding twitter it may within half an hour. The researcher reports this on the basis of survey about 14 corers comments and 100 corers likes in four months.

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