How to optimize the performance of your PC make faster?

In this modern age, people need to work on Computer and choose as a major partner. It was not yet performing as a smart machine and want to PC make faster. But the modern era, there are some limitations with this smart machines. One of the PC’s speed becomes slow.
So in this post I will discuss how to optimize your PC’s speed. If you followed the way of course you will have the results. So, Let’s see those resources to make PC faster. If you followed the ways of course you will have the results. So, Let’s see those resources.
make pc faster

    Keep all matches in the PC hardware

Many PC users have been given a bit of PC hardware upgrade without a trial, in which users do not get the desired results. If you want to make PC faster to any other PC look at the hardware configuration and decide for yourself what will be planted performance of your PC guy.
    Always keep upgraded OS
Always try the latest operating system updates for your PC. The old operating system error fault (Bugs) can interfere with your PC. The operating system so that they are always trying as far as possible to keep perfect. So the new and more advanced operating system release. Unfortunately, many users ignore the issue that give. Many people think that the use of new operating systems so difficult to understand. Because of the limitations of their own knowledge of the thinking of the twelve PC in play. So with all of the operating system should be updated. Keep in mind, to keep pace with technology, you will certainly be able to make PC faster with everything. Otherwise, you have to overcome.
    Desktop / system file, do not drive
Don’t keep any personal files or folders on your PC’s Desktop Screen  drive or the system. Because it puts pressure on your PC’s RAM and processor. Because of your PC becomes slow and it takes a long time to load Windows. If you keep any files so neatly organize another drive.
    Auto Start software to use less
There are many users use  Auto start using the software. These include software to be launched as soon as the PC is switched on and is processing in the background. The Consequences of your PC’s RAM and processor loads and slow PC. Try so far as possible not to use a small auto-start programs. Or if you are using the Run command, enter and turn off unnecessary permissions, with Auto Start. Startup manager of Glarysoft to do this you can use the software. Even if you do not want to increase the speed of your computer and now you press alt + ctrl + Del key three together and the unnecessary task include software by clicking on the close end process.
    Use only one anti-virus software
There are many users who think the PC computer security is to ensure that there was more than one ANTIVIRUS. I am saying. This idea is completely wrong. If you use more than one anti-virus software on the PC, such as PC’s speed is slow, so the decision was twelve PC. Antivirus and other anti-virus software because of a conflict with the adverse effects of the system. So, no more than one anti-virus software on your PC will never use to make PC faster. And do not use anti-virus software is always on your PC configuration. In this case, you can use a variety of functional and light anti-virus software. Avira example, etc.
    Keep your PC clean
At least one day off a week to complete a variety of PC hardware, vacuum clean. The cooling system of your PC because the PC will be hampered the dust can duke it and it could cripple your PC. It is imperative to keep your PC clean to make PC faster. English called neat and clean.
    Clean junk files
While working on the PC and with the browser PC while browsing different sites and different types of junk files that are submitted. For example, cache, cookies, temp, etc. It is imperative to delete files on a regular basis. So you go to the Run command and type the following command to delete all come to delete the file to make PC faster.
    To disabling unnecessary programs
Many Windows programs are built in so they do not any of us. In addition, these programs are very slow to our PC. So the idea is to enable these programs. To do this, use the following steps.
See more of the following tips to speed up Windows 
1. Disk defrag at least once a week, please.
2. Create a Restore Point on the PC.
3. The driver does not update them.
4. Working his way they go about things that Windows does not know about.
5. After the software is no software to uninstall it manually delete any files or folders to the.

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