how to reduce android system battery usage and battery android system

Battery android system is an important issue for smartphone. Most of the users are concern about the battery life of smartphone. If you smartphone are windows, android or IPHONE anything else then the importance of battery for all is same. Generally in high-end device battery charge will not sustain more than one day.
• If your device has become OLED, AMOLED OR SUPER AMOLED display then bright wallpaper and theme will decrease your battery duration up to 20%. So it is better to keep the device home screen dark background. As a result battery will save.
• In AMOLED based display you can use dark wallpaper of app drawer as well as home screen and regarding various launcher you can use dark theme. It will save your battery.
• Most of the users think that auto brightness increases the duration of the battery. But it is wrong idea. When you give auto brightness in your mobile then your device remain bright than the necessary and as well as consumed a lot of charge. In this regard you can set low brightness rather than auto brightness.
• Another feature that decreases the battery charge of the android called vibration. Phone become vibrate when call is come as well as hepatic feedback. Besides this most of the users open vibration for keyboard and during type device is vibrating again and again. For this vibration minimum charge is needed and it is come from your battery. So if you off your vibrate option then a lot of battery charge will save. Go to settings> sound and turned off the option of vibrate when ringing and vibrate on touch.
• If you expect better battery backup from your device then always use original battery. If your original battery is damaged for any cause then during purchasing battery you must choice perfect battery. In this regard the cost for battery is high but it will save your device.
• We are all known with display timeout option. The term display timeout option means when your device screen will off if you turn on your device screen for once. We know that display is the main factor to consume a lot of charge. Because of statistics reveals that a user about 150 times opens the screen of the device in one day. So battery charge will decrease gradually if you open the device screen for many times. In this regard you must decrease the display timeout to save your battery. Usually it is battery to keep the display timeout for 15 seconds.
• Most of the devices have sleep times and in Samsung mobile there is an option called blocking mode. Through this option for specific time you can turn off data connection, WIFI and phone vibration. For battery save this option is effective.
• In Samsung devices there are some smart features such as air gestures, smart scrolling etc. these features consume your battery charge with greater amount. So when these features are not needed, then it is better to turn off these options.
• For android device generally to send file we use Bluetooth, NFC and for internet we are using data connection and WIFI. But at the end of necessity, you should turn off Bluetooth, NFC, and WIFI. Besides this without necessary don’t turned off location data.
• It is better to use widgets that are given in lock screen device. Because there is no need to use separate apps for widgets.
• Most of the time for home screen customization and other necessary, we are using widgets. To save battery it is necessary to erase unnecessary widgets from screen.
• Most of the time we don’t feel necessity to update the installed app. Because of most of the users think that to update apps mean is consuming data for unnecessary. But you should update your apps as your data is consumed. Because of the developer update the apps so that without any interruption these apps are running in your device and consume less charge.
• At present most of the devices have given power saving mode or other battery management option. Regarding saving battery this option will help you a lot.
• In various customs ROM there is a option of CPU over clock or under clock. Through CPU under clock you can retrench your battery cost.
• If auto-sync is turned on in your device, then it will better to turn off. Because of auto-sync after every 15 minutes the Google account of your device has been refreshed. So go to setting> Google account and turned off auto-sync.
• Turned off the auto update of Google play store of your device. It is better to update app manually.

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