How to repair corrupted memory card or data recovery from corrupted memory card?

While the exchange of information to the phone’s memory card if disconnected or damaged in any way, it may be rendered useless if disconnected. In many ways, but not entirely useless how to repair corrupted memory card enables the card is damaged and lost to the overwhelming need to use data recovery software.
The memory card turns the data, but if you’re not used to this software solution. Data presented in this case, but the computer or another device to read it (Reid) did not.
Everybody seems to be that the memory card is broken. But, from that we can bring back the memory card. Insert the memory card into the card reader to connect to the computer. Stay tuned, hard drives, memory cards, File Explorer, or other disk looks like it can not be entered, but the file system is OK. The Windows Start menu, and type cmd. On the side of your Start menu, the command prompt can be seen. Now, by pressing the button on the right to open it and select Run as administrator. If you enter on the prompt, type chg. disk or click here. Here is the memory card drive m. The computer shows the type of card, check the disk drive letter and be done. When you press the message y to convert lost chains to files. If the card information in the file structure can be used again. Invalid file system if the memory card and then click on the drive, right-click Format-. Quick format- select the FAT File system with it’s unchecked click Format-. Once formatted, the memory Card lost card information will not be lost.

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