How To Select Image Formats For Screenshot

We who are professional blogger, know that we need to make perfect screenshot image formats for every article. Perpect image formats will help to bring visitors in a website. So, we as a blogger, need to know about the perfect image formats. Visitors can get knowledge easily about the article with the perfect screenshot image formats.
You also need to optimize your image formats so that google can prefer your image which is matched with your article. There are different image formats for different types for posts, bloggers need to know the appropriate image formats for every posts. For website screenshot, we need to use three types of image formats jpeg format or jpg format, png format and gif format. Normally the size of jpeg format is smaller than the png format, but in jpeg format’s noise is more than png format.
Perfect image formats selection: If in your post has much contents likes source code or google search result page etc, you will select png format or gif format, cause in here if you use jepg format you can see some noise around your image. If you want to get quality than the image format is best. If you want to take screenshot for a website, logo, artwork etc, you need to take png format so that you can get sharp and clear image In here, if you use gif format, you can see noise and the image size will be bigger. If you want to take screenshot for software windows or any dialogue box etc, than jepg format is enough for sharp and clear image, jepg format is also appropriate for taking screenshot of youtube video, flash animation or video game.
Short note:
For animation, text and solid color image gif format is appropriate. For website screenshot, logo and artwork png format is appropriate, and for other jepg format you can use.

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