How to solve internet connection problem?

From windows operating system suddenly internet connection problem has been occurring and disconnect your connection. Then in that moment what do you do?How to solve internet connection problem?
If problem creates in IP address:
If work is stopped then observe the present condition of TCP/IP network configuration through IP configuration and refresh DHCPI DNS setting. To do this from windows 7 or 8 operating system press ctrl + shift + enter through writing command in start menu. After coming command prompt here writing IP configuration and click the enter button to see present condition. Again writing IP configuration/ renew too liberal for IP address. If you face any problem to operate this command then again write IP configuration/ renew and enter it. If problem has been remained to operate this command then write notepad in start menu and enter. Here is the first line write IP configuration/ release and enter. In second line write IP configuration/ release and go to notepad file and press save as button. When you see any problem then click two times in this site.
Problem in DNS cash:
If DNS cash has been crushed then you will face internet connection problem. This problem can be removed through reset or flash. Enter through writing IPCONFIGURATION/FLUSHDNS that has been prepared before. You can sure to get the news which is successfully flushed the DNS resolving cache. Next time write IP configuration/ REGISTERDNS and enter again. In host file DNS has been recorded in any program and solved the problem of DNS cash.
Solving problem through network tool:
To solve the problem which is related to windows 7 or 8, user can solve the problem through windows. For this go to network and sharing windows. Here click the trouble shoot problem and in next step click internet connection. In this way if you follow the step then you can find the problem automatically and solve it.

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