How to succeed in life when you have nothing: Please read for one time

How to succeed in life when you have nothing: Please read for one time:

Abraham Lincoln The president of America whose life was involved in many unsuccessful tasks. But in the place of Abraham Lincoln, we will not try to reach our goal. From the severe poorest condition, he was reaching his success and became the best president of America. 
In the worse condition he was originated as a survivor of America as well as he tackled civil war and removed the disparity between black and white. If you say that you can do that the task is possible for you. Otherwise it is very difficult for you. You may show excuse such as you born in poor family, you born in slums, your father have no money and so on. You must found for which task you are perfect. But the main question is that our aspect. That means how you accept the task. If anyone asks our parents in which sector they prepare their children. Their answer is always doctor or engineer. Without these there is no way. If you are no getting A+, you will finish. We only follow RABINDRONATH, NAZRUL or “DEVDAS” character of SHOROTCHADRA. 5 years ago an actor played DEVDAS character and after 5 years other actor playing same character. But no writer is not made as like as DEVDAS novel. “BABU RAM SAPURA” the famous poem in our country but at present we present this as a song as like as western.
Let’s talk about argentine footballer Messy. Doctor told that he was affected by dwarf. He was not increased by more than 4 feet. But proved that all are false he takes his place in Barcelona. The famous club Barcelona took into his responsibility. What has Missy’s father, only Messy has his talent. All these things are proven false; Messy makes 5 feet 7 inch. God May be takes the responsibility of the industrious. Your born is little then you can learn from the president of India whom name is NARENDRO MODI. His father was the tea seller as well as he was the tea seller. Now he is the president of India. Your color is black whatever, Chris Gayle the player of West Indies, Mohammad Ali a famous boxer all are the black. You are short in size whatever, SACHIN TENDULKAR the god of cricket, meradona the famous football player of the Argentina or the famous cricketer of Bangladesh called MUSFIQUR RAHIM all are short in size. You have no fund in business; please go through the life history of the founder of Igloo group. You are unable to continue your education due to famous institution; the world’s richest person bill gates can’t complete his education. But he operates the biggest institution named Microsoft. I am the opposition who remiss the class. Remember that without education no one can make Bill Gates, NAZRUL or RABINDRONATH.
Other problem of our country is unemployment. You should not think any type of task as trifling. If you are come out from this mentality, then you will prosper in life otherwise you are unable to come out from unemployment.   

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