how to use project management software

How to use project management software: A desktop accessory can help you schedule your appointments and do some planning. That is, it can help you to manage your life, But what if you need to manage the lives of others to manage your life. But what if you need to manage the lives of others to accomplish a full-blown project, such as steering a political campaign or handling a nationwide road tour for a band? Strictly defined, a project is a one-time operation consisting of several tasks that must be completed during a stated period of time. The project can be small, such as an advertising campaign for an in-house advertising department, or large, such as construction of an office tower or a jetliner.

Project management software is a program used to plan, schedule, and control the people, cost, and resources required to complete a project on time. For instance, the associate producer on a feature film might use such software to keep track of the locations, cast and crew, materials, dollars, and schedules needed to complete the picture on time and within budget. The software would show the scheduled beginning and ending dates for a particular task – such as shooting all scenes on a certain set- and then the date that task was actually completed. Examples of project management software are Microsoft Project for Windows, Harvard Project Manager, Project Scheduler 4, SuperProject, and Timeline. Two important tools available in project management software are Gantt charts and PERT charts. 
project management software

Gantt Charts: A Gantt Chart uses lines and bars to indicate the duration of a series of tasks. The time may range from minutes to years. The Gantt chart allows you to see whether tasks are being completed on schedule.
PERT charts: PERT stands for Program Evaluation Review Technique. A PERT chart shows not only timing but also relationships among the tasks of a project. It is represented by lines that connect boxes describing the tasks. Even project management software has evolved into new forms. For example, a program called ManagePro for Windows is designed to manage not only goals and tasks but also the people charged with achieving them. 

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