Our society has witnessed significant changes in information and communication technology (ICT), always evolving to serve us better. ICT has made a lot of things easier; it has removed obstacles of time and space in communications and service delivery thus turning the world into a global village. The concept of ICT encompasses merging of audiovisuals and telephone networks along side with computer networks via one link system.
Communication technology includes a vast range of platforms such as radio, television, telecommunications and the internet. It has become an indispensable tool our social interactions, business sphere, education system and a lot of other sectors.
Radios and televisions which are older forms of communication technology are not having the same importance as they once did. There has been an increased competition in the platforms for communications to audiences. Internet platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others compete with radio and television broadcasts. This is not implying that older communication technology is not relevant but the evolution is tending towards the internet. For example, shows, movies, sports which were exclusively broadcast on radios and televisions have now flooded the internet. This probably informed the presence of countless numbers of internet radios and TVs.
The reason as to this is not unconnected to the revolutions in mobile and digital technologies. There are various smartphones and tablets which make it easier to access information and programmes on the go. This is in fact very popular among young people. Those in the business world find it very convenient to communicate with clients by sending emails, files and posting adverts over the internet. Many mobile devices released into the market provide many features for executing business tasks.
In the education sector, information technology is a prerequisite for learning. Teachers and their students interact on websites as a means of communication (giving and submission of assignments, answering of questions, sending of lecture notes and others).
Social interaction has been hugely impacted. Through communication technology, people keep in constant touch with one another, spread information across board and exchange views on different issues. The ease, speed and convenience associated with these keep endearing communication technology to the heart of its users.
Overall, we have reached a certain stage that we cannot do without information and communication technology in our lives. Without them, life will be without savor.

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