In some sectors there Bill Gates has no interested to invest money.

BILL GATES is indifferent in some personal cost. For the house of bill gates it is not a matter to spend about 90 million dollar and for his personal car it is no matter to spend about 1 million dollar. But in terms of business it is very difficult to spend money in some sectors.
Though BILL GATES has enough money but for his business purpose he traveled from one country to another country through general air.
Bill Gates
BILL GATES was purchased a corporate jet air for his and his family in 1997. But still now for business purpose bill gates travel in a commercial air as like as general people. But for the private journey of bill gates, bill gates never take money from his organization Microsoft. In this situation bill gates said, “it is the best example. There is low cost in normal class of air. But there is no different amount general class and first class. I will think myself if I am tall or very fat. But here there is another matter. Every year about 14 weeks I must travel through air. Sometimes though I have general class ticket, I am calling in first class. I never reject this type of chance.” When it is long time journey, bill gates is searching most of the time one line of unoccupied seat to get the more comfortable. Bill gates said, “Getting such kind of chance it is better to me to travel more comfortably than first class”. It was the incident of 1992, bill gates has been already a billionaire. The private secretary of bill gates said that she felt sweat. She needs help. Bill gates replied, “Who am I to help you? Do you queen?”
BILL GATES is very frugal in terms of time. In the birth of Microsoft bill gates running from one place to another with the time. In this cause in his moving he remains always busy. If the flight of bill gates leaves the airport at 10 am, he is come out from his office from 9.50 am. Go to airport with more speed. Most of the time it occurs that bill gates has been presented, before close the door of the air in sharp time. Bill gates will take the risk but will not spend his time to take seat before leave the air.
 To save time bill gates said: “When I am attending a conference, some specific issue I am ready to deliver there. So there is no need to spend time to talk very much. Especially the colleagues whom I know very well are unnecessary to spend my time to talk with them. Over the period a time one after one change has come. So it is unnecessary to spend time.” The famous programmer of Microsoft Charles simony said, “BILL GATES never explains the matter two times”.
Bill gates said: “Although I have no enough time according to my work, so I will try to accomplish both the task simultaneously  Such as taking gym through paddle and reading newspaper simultaneously. Both these tasks I have done without any fault. It is the practical strategy to perform the task simultaneously”. Bill gates said, “although I have a family, so it is not possible to perform the task whole night. For sleeping he has no special time. If he gets time than take an instant snap and removes his tiredness.” Bill gates said, “those who are taking sleep 3-4 hours every day, I am envying them. Because they get enough time to perform his task. They learn more and play more.”
The task style of bill gates is very direct and normal. From the starting phase of the company he performs the task same way. To follow the old principle bill gates never keep any secretary. But for various occasion he has an assistant. Bill gates said: “All of my e-mail comes to me directly. I am answering in my own. All of my memo and letter I am typing with my own. Outside of office room that assistant remains, I am typing more than him.” STEVE BOLMAR follows the activities of the bill gates whether bill gates utilizes his time properly or not. As a result it is very easy for the bill gates to take the right decision on right time.
Bill gates said: “From which sector I am earning my profit, I am providing deep concentration on them.” The frugal habit is very powerful in the bill gates in terms of save money and time. Bill gates said: “I like to push anything at the last point. As result it is very easy to get the highest task.”

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