Increase website traffic fast with SEO

Increase website traffic fast with SEO the system through which by using keywords it will help the user to get proper result regarding web page or website. SEO is not a work rather than it is a combine process that means in many sectors it is the combination of process. Generally the search robot of a search engine moved various websites.
Then the robot found some specific features. Here the main task of the SEO to ensure those features to the search robot. Generally during moving which types of features the robot found, those are given in following:
·         The title of website or name
·         The description of website
·         The mega tag of web site.
·         The site map of website.
·         The title or name of usage picture.
·         Alt description of usage picture
·         The caption of usage picture.
These are the main tasks for SEO to display website to the search engine.
The cause the SEO optimization for search engine:
Why we are using SEO for our website. The answer of this question is that to increase our visitors. The main objectives of search engine optimization are:
·         Easily reach your site to the public.
·         To increase the familiarity of your website.
·         To increase the visitor for your website.
·         To [perform as a platform to earn money.
·         To perform as fortified regarding information exchange and sustain in competition.
What is on page optimization?
There are two types of search engine. These are:
·         On page optimization
·         Of page optimization
The term on page optimization means the task of SEO in a website. That means to make a website for facilitating regarding website that optimization we took is called on page optimization. From the on page optimization we can understand that in a website that optimization we can create is called on page optimization. First we must think what types of task we are performed in our website. Generally the answer may be blog writing, setting picture or downloading song. About 70% web designer busy at this work. But regarding search engine optimization (SEO) this is not suit. This topic is become suitable for search engine is called on page optimization. On page optimization can be created by using tag, the strategy to write content, and using link.
What is key-word?
In search engine optimization (SEO) key word is a basic component. There are two types of key-word. The first is by using those key-words through which you can prepare your website. The second is the main keyword that you are selecting for your SEO. But from my perspective the second is called proper SEO. Because in terms of SEO, key word is that word you are selecting to work with it.
Here I can give an example. We have a movie download site. In this term the keyword of your site may be download movie, free download movie and movie watch and download. When we wrote something in our search engine box to search something, the search engine box gave result on the basis of our writing and your given word is a keyword. For example you are searching writing Nokia Mobile. Here NOKIA MOBILE is your search key word. Here search engine will give you many results. The meaning to show you this is that on the basis of your key word search engine shows many results. In the list of these results the name of given site all are made this site by using NOKIA MOBILE keyword.
How do you use keyword?
We got medium idea about key-word. Now let’s see how you can use this key-word. You can use keyword in two ways. These are:
·         Through Meta tag.
·         Through site content or article.
Meta tag: regarding website design we worked with Meta tag. Among this
This keyword is known as Meta key-word tag. Through this Meta key-word tag you can work for your site regarding key-word. For this go to your html editor page and setup your selected keyword. As well as we used more Meta tags. But some rules and regulations must maintain in terms of Meta tag and key word. By using those keywords through which you will make your website and that key word is not remained more than 3 times in your Meta tag. Maximum one you can use Meta tag in your website. Try to write keyword in various forms rather than again and again, for example if you are writing first download English movie, English movie, you can write another way to transform is such as English movie online, English movie download.
·         Be careful about the spelling of keyword. A comma used after key-word and another key word used by using space. Then you can use selected key-word in other tag. In those tags you can use your keywords. Such as:
1.       Description- meta tag
2.       Title- meta tag
3.       ALT- Meta tag.
Why do we select this keyword?
To get a good result most of the times we prepared website with high competition keyword. Such as download software, download movie, song, music, tips etc. these keywords are high traffic based. If you are able to stay in the first position of the result then you will get better result. There is no need to think about visitor. But a huge competition is sustained in these keywords. First at the first stage it is unnecessary to think high competition based key words. We should think that how we can use other words and get better result. To get this result key word selection is must.
Keyword relevance: first you must determine the contents of your site. Then it is necessary to determine the keyword of this topic. Suppose your site is car parts selling related.  You can observe that the word car is the highest volume keyword. Now you must see that how many persons use the word car for buying car parts. Here your keyword is not car. Your keyword must be related with your site. Such as buy car parts, getting your car parts.
Keyword research tools: keyword plays an important role to optimize your site. You can easily generate target visitors for your site if you will able or create better optimization for your site. There are many rules to find better keyword. Among them the most familiar “free keyword research tolls”. Keyword research tools will not able to give real-time data for every keyword.
Google ADWORDS tools: ( go to this website and probably it is the best among free research tool for SEO and it is the individual key word tool of Google. Only setting one keyword or the sentence of every line, you can find easily your related keyword. For necessary you can take filter which is needed for SEO. Then you can search based on countries as well as various language. You will find a column at keyword idea tab where you will get competition, global monthly searches, global local searches, ad share, Google search network, search share approximate CPC (cost – per – click bid), local search trends, graph and extracted from webpage and here I will suggest you by clicking all columns button enable all of these so that you will get better keyword.

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