Information about the iphone and why iphone is the best phone

Let’s know information about the iphone and why iphone is the best phone why iphone is popular in the any country peoples! Below we discuss about that.
• Hardware and software: these two things are made by apple. From processor to ram, body, and camera all these things are made by apple. But last few years which IPHONE was sold in china, these were made from local materials of china but quality is verified by the American apple team. Operating system is made by apple’s in-house development. To produce product apple doesn’t want to help anyone. Only they use Intel processor in Mac. From 2006 that means before this apple was used its own processor in its device.
IPHONE is superior
• Fantastic design:  most of us know the main cause that apple comes to such kind of this position is design. Besides the hardware design of the apple the clarity, modern, intellectual and graphics interface of apple operating system can attract anyone. As well as the founder of apple called Steve jobs and one of his famous quotation is “Everybody thinks that the design is actually how it looks, but if you think deeper, you’d realize that the design is actually how it works!”
• Security:  the device of apple is not affected by virus. As well as the hacker also unable to hack apple’s device. IPHONE jail breaking is one kind of hacking. The term jail breaking means which is not fit for IPHONE or which should not use for IPHONE that things are done forcefully through apple is called jail breaking. In jail breaking there are many limitations and problems such as during updating OS many problems may create and user is unable to take help such kind of tracking service called ICLOUD. That means if you lose jail breaking based IPHONE then you can’t find it Google map and if you are found it then you will not give factory reset in your mobile. If you can’t do this then there will less possibility to get your phone. Most probably for security without itunes data will not sink any IDEVICE and file can’t transfer through Bluetooth. But at present without tunes through the software of DISKAID data can sink. Even you can backup through the SMS of your IPHONE. Most of us think without jail brake user is unable to enter the operating system of IPHONE. But those who are thought it is wrong. There has software called IFUNBOX and without jail brake you can access system file of IPHONE and even manually backup apps or games then formatting IPHONE you can restore them. Among the mobile operating system technologists think the IOS of apples is much secured. In terms of mobile operating software the greatest risk is considered SPAMWARE. In recent research we see that without IOS any OS of mobile will not defend SPAMWARE. Recently technology based website called C NET reports that to help defense security team a secret research is operated through finspy is one kind of SPAMWARE. From remote place to observe mobile phone or tablet computer and which amount of security this software provides in terms of the user’s phone call, contacts, and other information is observed by the organization called gum group. From this research we see that this SPAMWARE is unable to break the security of IOS.  The PLARGORM of IOS is more secured than android, blackberry, and windows. But in jail broken mode IOS CAN’T tackle SPAMWARE.
• DEVICE is not generally damaged: by using you can slow this or can useless but you can’t damage it totally. Those apple products are damaged the main cause is that for updating IOS or hardware problem during manufacturing.
• Surprise for the user: in every operating system of IPHONE there have new features. But apple became astonished its user giving some hidden features. In every OS version remain some such kind of features that apple is talk about those features after or before releasing. Apple assumed that users would find in their own trying and became surprised. To know details you can search IOS 7 HIDDEN features. You may think that these hidden features remain in any operating system. IN IOS 7 there are hundreds of features found but apple will not refer in their catalog.
• Favorable at after sale service: in a word the after sale service of apple is fantastic. The battery of my IPAD classic is become damaged through liquid. Most of us know that for liquid damage any mobile phone company will not give warranty. Even in apple catalog this also referred. But only because of their customer service they return my damaged IPAD classic and give me factory RIVERBISHED device. Then one of my European collogue goes to apple’s customer servicing center for his booting problem of power book G4 laptop and also its expired date has been crossed apple will repair it without any cost.
• Help for less mobility person: for physically disable person generally OS of IPHONE is designed specially. In the world operating system mobile is not friendly for physically disable person. Recently IOS 8 added brail system where vibration technology is used.
• In which topics IPHONE emphasize: I) User Experience ii) Hardware Design & Performance iii) Applications and IV) Media Ecosystem. Recently technology SPECIALIST MARK BENNYWAF written in his blog: Apple has built and nurtured the advantages with which it launched the Smartphone era: user experience, hardware design and performance, and its app and media ecosystem. It’s developed into a top-10 global consumer brand, and most important, it has a large set of loyal and affluent customers who pay up for phones and software, keeping its ecosystem on top.
We are early in the Smartphone era. As long as Apple can stay significantly better and take care of its customers, it has a long way to run.

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