Internet access for all & internet access for rural areas

internet access for all
70 years ago when United Nations was established then the main objective was creating a peace and cooperative world rather than war. Human beings work with together against disease, poverty and conflict and remain the importance in terms of internet access for all & internet access for rural areas opinion.
It was the planning. Now from that we are crossed most of the way. We are able to stop epidemic disease which was very extreme. The average age of the people is increasing as well as income. We are able to save ourselves from some world conflict and climax. But we are unable to reach the succession of development equally. The success story of people is mostly urban based and developed country. Most of the people are now at outside from development.
In 2020 ensures internet access for all
In this case, the world leader proposed some new world vision’s at United States, NEWYORK. If we want to make such kind of world where people can lead save and healthy life through partner as a development then we are able to reach our goal. The member countries of United States preparing a planning design for sustainable development goal and this issue is became flourished. In this planning design there are 17 objectives and 169 goals. Among these goals 9(c) goal is very important than other goals. Half of the people of the world are out of internet. It is not better for them and concerning issue for others. In this decade global development and global connection is related to each other. If we want to help global people in terms of taking education, leading better life and providing opportunity for employment then it must need to ensure internet among all. Internet is not only limited in three million people. It must be considered as a part of development, which will make possible a big work. For example: the farmers of Ethiopia and TANJINIA are using internet regarding getting better value of their corps, latest news of the inventory and even they payment insurance through mobile phone. The citizens of Nigeria have been used a mobile application called “BUJIT” that will help to recognize whether the government-financed development sectors according to his promise. The probability for women is greater. At present perspective man is attached internet more than women. But when women are attached with internet, they are applying this regarding education, health, economic opportunity and total security. In Guatemala through mobile phone information is provided ensuring safety maternity. In Kenya women are able to receive various financial services through mobile phone by using M-PESA micro credit.
The media of social network make contribution in terms of reflect the opinion of general people.
Last some weeks we saw that refugee’s went some countries of Europe. With the help of smart-phone they are able to communicate with their relatives and families who are staying in the opposite of throne cable. The death picture of the SERIYIAN child at turkey is spread through internet. It cried the whole nation as a symbol of refugees. The media of social network make important policy for general people and changing. It is easy to see dream to come in a contract in whole world but it is difficult to apply. There is no easy solution for this. In most of regions before ensuring internet connection it is needed to ensure power and fuel. In the villages of Africa in every 10 people there is no electricity in 9 homes. In this case government plays an important role. For this reason we are supporting the investment sectors of President BARAK OBAMA regarding power Africa plan, electrify Africa act of congress and renew power of African development bank. On the basis standing the basement that is established by government, many private sectors can take initiative to do these. Many probably initiatives have been already started work reducing present digital discrimination. Regarding science and technology Intel foundation is working, the technology of Microsoft helps to gain sustainable development goals and the new project of Google “LOON” will try to provide internet service in root area. All these things proved that to come in whole world in the internet the leaders plays an important role. In this case the of Facebook is the part of these initiatives. Technology based organization and entrepreneurs take more responsibility. Cross the own geographical border, Silicon Valley plays an important role in terms of education, health service and refugees issue. We are calling all who are related with technology to reach internet those who are most poor and deprived. The sustainable development goals must be gained if we are able to come in a whole nation in internet.

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