Introduced with the new form of Google alphabet meaning

Google alphabet meaning has been greatly changed technological environment through inaugurated by you tube, Gmail, and android. Google was started its travel in 1998 through published search engine. Here this famous company has not stopped. After the succession of one by one it brings new business.
As a result all the businesses of the Google have been congregated under the supervision of “alphabet”.
A great revolution has been occurred by Google and the company was established in 1998 4th September. The head office of the Google is California, United States and it stunted the whole world through various services. The services of Google are: video sharing you tube, news, Gmail and for smart phone they bring operating system based android phone. Without this driverless vehicle, internet through balloon, environment based technology and so on. The founder of the Google harry page and ex-chief executive of the Google questioned harry page, “how can the size of the Google be enlarged?” For this answer of the question harry again questioned, “under the Microsoft which amount of employees have been performed?” he heard that under the Microsoft there are 25000 employees and he said that one day under the Microsoft the worker would be 1 million. That’s why the new form of Google called alphabet has become started.
The officials of the Google try heart and soul to spread the service of the Google and create a leading position in the world. For this reason the co-founder of the Google says that alphabet means clear and more responsible organization. He performs his duty as a chief executive of the alphabet and the chief executive of the Google Sergei brine performs as a chairman of this organization. The technological researcher thinks that Larry page and Sergei brine may not stop in little range. Many days they are planned to enlarge the Google.
The succession of the alphabet: Every day the internet user use search engine or write Google to search anything and for this searching needs English alphabet. But in future Google becomes alphabet or under the supervision of the alphabet can’t change the name of other device. The officials of the Google tell about the future plan of alphabet. Now it high time introduced with the new form of Google alphabet. The technological researcher assumes that Google may have opened more institution on the basis of a number of alphabets. That means they want to take leading position in present world.
The whole world become astonished to see the great change of the Google and prepare new organization named alphabet. Larry page and Sergei brine tell about the great change. The informed that at present they performed with that project is so big that it is very difficult to operate under only organization. That’s why they are prepared alphabet. Alphabet supervised all project with more deeply and other organization can be worked here independently.
The new project of the alphabet may be “calico” and where the researcher may research about the life of human. It is the most expensive project of the Google. Without this another project of the alphabet is “’fiber”.Under this project alphabet can arrive 1 GIGABYTE speed based internet among the people. As a result a great change has been occurred in communication. Besides alphabet the project of nest labs and Google X may remain. Tony fiddle takes the responsible as a chief executive of the nest labs where remain security camera, smoke alarm and thermostats. Google X is the secret project of the Google that Google giant keep aside from news agency. Under the Google X Remain: automated driverless vehicle, drone preparing unit and Google lens technology. The long term alphabet can play a great role in human life that think the chief of Larry page.

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