Is the speed of your computer slow?? To increase the speed of your computer here I give you some concept or information.

Many users are when the speed of the computer is decreased. To increase the speed of the computer some important work must accomplish.

Evaluate your space from PC: PC runs slow because of fulfilling the hard disk. It is difficult to increase the speed of the computer without evacuating hard disk. 5% of the space must be evacuated for hard disk. So the first task is to evacuate hard disk to increase speed. Many users install unnecessary program. So to increase speed this unnecessary program should erase from PC.

Cool your computer:  If the internal parts of the pc become hot, the speed of the computer may decrease or PC may become turn off. Wind circular way must open if this problem a user face. The dirt must be cleaned daily. For laptop cooling pad provide effective result. An extra fan is helpful for desktop.

Delete the file temporarily:  do you delete your file? When you visit any website, computer saves this file. This process decreases the speed of the computer. To remove this problem, you can delete your file temporarily in daily. Without this some temporary file remain the computer and various systems have been used to delete those file.

Don’t run the program simultaneously: if you have a habit to run a lot of program simultaneously or website, discard this habit. As a result the speed of the computer decreases.Deal with memory problem:  if your computer is old version, then you will face to operate new software. To deal with this problem, first you must check that are there any space to attach extra ram. If there have a space to attach extra ram, then the speed of the computer may increase.

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