Is your facebook account is safe? how to secure facebook privacy settings

Technology is very important in the different way. but sometimes this technology call hesitation. This problem occurs especially in social media. If you heard that from your facebook account shares porn website links. then your reputation become threaten. Using some technique you will free from this unexpected situation. Let’s know about the technique.
It is one type of hacking. Now, how you know that your account is being hacked? how many times you login your facebook account, every time  facebook note that session. Like where are you open your account, what was the time etc. for checking this click setting. then you go account setting> security>Where You are Logged In here you got the full information. If you see that your login time is not similar at the given information of login then you understand that your account is being hacked. 
1. Change your password: If your facebook account hacked first you need to change your password. if hacker already changed your password you cannot login your account. In this situation, you click forgot password then using email generated a password you can change the password. For changing password, you can follow: Account Settings> General> Password.
2. Report: At first you need to be informed facebook that is your account is being hacked or other user uses your account. how informed: where you login your account on this browser opens a new tab then type Facebook Help Center. Now open a new page where you get security in this option you fine hacked accounts tab then you also find many options. Which option is most accurate to you click and report to the facebook.
3. Damage control: After reporting facebook also inform your friend. If it is not possible to inform everyone individually you can inform by using your facebook wall that your account is being hacked, you call also inform that if your account show some irrelevant post that they do not click it. Then block the post and report as a spam. In this way learned everyone as much as possible.
4. Delete untrusted apps: Sometimes you play games from the different link after play this app automatically add in your apps list. that type of apps also causes for hacking your personal information which is helpful for the hacker. In this result if you see any untrusted apps just delete it. How do it: Account  Settings> Apps here you see apps list. here you show all apps and see carefully. Which one need to be delete take your mouse pointer on to this and see an (X) symbol. Click the icon and delete the apps
5. Be careful: If you face this problem you need to be careful. Do not accept any unknown person friend request. If in your friend list have any untrusted person just remove the person. 

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