Issue With The Wide Area Network.

A wide area network is basically a data network that is commonly used in connecting computers, it spans over a wide, global area. A wide area network is a complex system that connects 2 or more countries, states or cities or even continents and it is mostly used by big corporations or industries to exchange tons of data between them in a fast and very efficient way.


The communication capabilities of the wide area network offers even the smallest businesses an increase. The wide area network is not to be confused with the LAN networks, even though they serve the same purpose the wide area network is structured and operates in another way.

Different from the LAN, the wide area network does not link individual computers, it is used to connect LANs. Usually, the wide area network relies on a rented telephone line dedicated specifically for this purpose. On one end of the telephone line there are the linked LANs of the company, and on the other end there is a concentrator bound to that specific wide area network.
Wide Area Network

There are a lot of advantages of a wide area network, you can send a lot of documents including attachments, pictures and even audio under the form of messages. One of the biggest advantage of the wide area network is that you can share any device on it,  like expensive printers and even phone lines, without having to buy different peripherals for each computer.

But there is also a downside of the wide area network, the main issue is the cost of having one. A wide area network will be very expensive and can be  very complicated to set up.The bigger the wide area network is the greater the costs are. There is a big security issue with the wide area network,  it is very vulnerable to hackers and other outside threats, so you will need to hire some network supervisors and technicians. In case you didn`t know, the largest and most popular wide area network in the world is the Internet.

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