Jack ma story of success & Story of Alibaba Founder

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The real name of jack ma is MA YUN. He was born in 1964, 10th October at JINJIANG state of china. In Forbes magazine, jack ma is the world’s 33th rich people and the amount of his resources is 21.6 billion dollar. Jack ma story of success & Story of Alibaba Founder. He delivered a speech in world economic forum which was held at DAVOS, Switzerland in 23th January, 2015.
His speech created a great feedback in worldwide. His speech is known as an insight, an idea with jack ma. In this speech he talks about his whole life story. Hearing this most of the listeners became surprised. He has no intention about study. Jack Ma is the world’s 33th rich people.
An insight, an idea with Jack Ma: “Every day in our site corer of people visited our site. In china, we created 14 million new jobs for the people. Our journey was started with 18 people. Now we are operating our site with 30 people. Now our office is huge times big than in the primary level. In 15 years ago, we were not anything. Now we are a big company if we think 15 years past but after 15 years we are a little child. I believe that after 15 years people will forget about e-commerce then the existence of e-commerce will assume as like as electricity.”
The value of IPO of “ALIBABA” is very little only 25 million.
Now in the whole world we are the big capital market. He said “My team and I sometime say is it big? We are not big enough that we have. One year ago, people said that the business model of “ALIBABA” was terrible. Amazon is better than us; people think that Google is unique. In fact there was no business model as like as “”ALIBABA” in USA So people think such kind of this. I say myself and my team that we are the better than people think. But now all of this has changed and people think that we are the big company. But I want to tell everybody, we are not big. We are only the company whose age is 15 years. For this company some 27 or 28 age young done such kind of works that people never try before. My birth year was 1964. A cultural movement was started at china. To admit university that admission test must give, I failed there three times. I also failed many times. During the examination of primary school I failed there two times. In secondary school I failed there three times. In my town HUNJU there was only one primary school. There was a dull student so teacher will not prefer to recommend me at secondary school. I rejected every time during admission which was great benefit for me! Still now people reject me. Before admission at university I was trying for a job. There also I was rejected for 30 times. When KFC come at china than 24 people apply for the post. There 23 people got opportunity to do job but only one people was rejected and it was I. even most of time it occurred that among 5 people four people got the opportunity to do this job without I. I was rejected after rejected. At Harvard University I was applied but there I also rejected. I wrote down 10 times “I want to admit”. I also applied for 10 times but again and again I was rejected. I was started learning English from 12-13 ages. There was no opportunity to learn English at china. As well as English book was not found at china. In which hotel where foreign visitors come, there I acted as a guide with voluntary for the visitors. Then continuously 10 years I acted such kind of this job and I was learned to talk English fluently as like as western style. The travel with foreign visitors created my mind very big. From my parents and school that I learned, as well as that I knew from visitors was quite different. That’s why for myself different habit I created in my own. That I see, I learn think about deeply with heart. I got opportunity to use computer for the first time at USA in 1995. The speed of internet was very slow. My friend gives the opportunity to use computer internet. That day I was not touched his computer because of fear. At china the price of computer was high so I was unable to pay if it damaged anyhow. With the encouragement of my friend I searched the internet. That time I heard the name of e-mail. I was trying to do something with internet based. In that time the familiar name was yahoo.  I wanted to give the name of our company was “ALIBABA”. I asked 10-20 people that do you know ALIBABA? All were said “yes”. For the story of “ALIBABA and 40 thieves.” 
From starting point, he was trying to create faith among people. People do not believe each other. In this situation every day in an average, he created transaction 60 million. In an online people don’t know each other. He said, “I don’t know you but I send products to you. You don’t know me, but you pay specific amount of money for the product to me. We are trying to big the place of faith.”
Other hidden point for the succession of “ALIBABA” is that a specific amount of women workers
Only “ALI BABA” there has 47% women worker. Aggregately in their all office there has 53% women workers. In management level there has 33% women and higher level there has 27% women. He said, “In 21st century if you want to win then you must give opportunity other to do anything. You will go ahead with all kinds of people. You are succeeding when you are able to change the condition of others. At china 80% young is succeeded only for work quality and excellence. There has no father who is rich or no bank loan, by working hard they are now succeeded. At the starting point most of the people called me as a mad. In time magazine I was called as a mad jack. I think that mad is better. We are mad but we are not dull. One day I will go to school to tell about my autobiography. I want to tell that, big your heart, big your own culture. Be Strong your own morality and proper use of your own talent. If you want to do anything then you will learn to expect.”

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