KASPERSKY has been spread fake antivirus for 10 years & kaspersky false positive

Familiar antivirus founder company against kaspersky false positive lab has become a great complain. The two ex-officer of this company tell about this in Routers. Those officials complained that to hide their own identity, KASPERSKY had accumulated some software and the code which seem to be dangerous and submit this file different malware detection system.
As a result this familiar software has become recognized malware software.
Then other software/antivirus founder company detects some software as a virus. Because with that software KASPERSKY had attached detrimental code, they submitted sample of those software. So after the same name software has become recognized as a virus the user provide negative impact on that software. Reuters said that KASPERSKY operates this perform from 2009 to 2013. But after this report has been published the KASPERSKY authority disavow this complain. The Russian company KASPERSKY said that they did not perform this type of immoral task. 

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