know about the seven interesting hidden features of gmail

Have you ever heard that, if someone does not read your email, it is possible to get your email return back to you? Or hidden features of gmail and after sending email through your mobile have you thought that there were some mistakes; it would have been good if you could get it back and do come corrections?
Many of the gmail users don’t know about these interesting features of gmail. If you know about these things, using mail could be a lot easier to you and you could avoid so many unexpected things.
1. There is no importance of (.) Dot in gmail address: If you see any dot to someone’s gmail address, you may avoid that easily. If someone’s email address is ‘’, you could write it as ‘’. Even you could write ‘’ if you want to. It’s not going to make any difference here.
2. Get the mail back: By using the free boomerang app of gmail, you can send emails which can get back after a certain time. Even you can set the time period for it. If the receiver does not open your email within that time period, it will get back to you automatically.
3. Know who spreads your mail: If you put a + (plus) sign in your email then you will be able to know who spreads your email. Suppose that, you have to open an account on a shopping website. But you want to see that if your mail gets spread to the spammers through that site. In this case, you can use this + (plus) sign. If your email address is, you can write as an example. If you find your email address in any spam mail, you would understand that it has been spread through that shopping website.
4. Get your email notification on your desktop: If you need to check your email very often, you can get your notifications on the desktop. Whenever you will get any email it will be showing on your desktop immediately. Beside this, there is option to get certain kind of email notification. Click the GEAR icon on your inbox. Then go to SETTINGS and scroll down and click on DESKTOP NOTIFICATION.
5. Delete several emails at a time: Every individual email has a number in your inbox. By using these, it is possible to see or delete several emails at a time. For example, show 1 to 25 no. emails on a page, if you want to delete them. Then select all of them and click TRACTION if you do not want to see them again.
6. Undo the mail after sending: After sending an email if you recognize that you have sent it to a wrong person then there is nothing more embarrassing like that. But you can get relief from such kind of situation if your UNDO SEND option remains on. For this, go to SETTINGS and click on LABS. Then by scrolling down you’ll see the UNDO OPTION. Do ENABLE this option and also don’t forget to click the SAVE CHANGES option.
7. Use various colors of stars to keep your inbox defragmented: If there are a lot of emails on your gmail account and you look to keep them defragmented, then change it this way. Firstly go to GEAR. Then go to GENERAL and search stars by scrolling down. From here you can choose six different colors of stars and six different symbols as well.

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