Know the benefits of windows 8.

The apple user Feel happy to use windows 8. Apple always performs creative and funny task. To consider the betterment for the user Microsoft works with windows 8. Here I talk about some benefits.
     The new world of applications: You are getting thousands of tablet style application and among them most of the applications are free. These applications are touch-friendly, web connected and full screen.
     Start up fast: Start very quickly and PC runs very fast as well as increased the durability of the battery.
    Sky drive integration: The cloud service of Microsoft is well developed. Now sky drive can be used as a local drive. It keeps PC setting back up.
    Developed security: If it is not signed by the publisher (such as Microsoft), then it will stop the loading operating system. I think that in future technology, apple creates betterment for the user.

There are some benefits of the windows 8 as well as it also has some side effects. But the main problem is that using “touch design system” in startup screen. It takes some days to habitant. But in computer technology windows 8 plays an important role. I think that in future technology, it will provide better service for the user. 

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