Know the unknown information about the Facebook founder of Mark Zuckerberg.

Last 14th may the founder of social network and CEO Mark Zuckerberg stepping 31 years. In this writing provide some information about him.
1. Start programming with very little age: 
Only 12 years old Zuckerberg start programming and obtained skill. In those time using attery basic he prepared a programming message. At the time of secondary school, he prepared a music strimming platform named “ signal pause”.
 2. Work for little time:
 Like Other entrepreneur, Zuckerberg is not work for long time. Like the staff of other organization, Zuckerberg works 50/60 hours in every week.
3. Odd system in recruitment:
Using his own system, Zuckerberg recruit staff in the high post of facebook. His decision is final decision in this process.
4. Favorite quotation:
Zuckerberg keep his some favourite quotation in facebook website. Among them-
·         Luck favor of the brave : Virgil,inet x.284
·         All child are artist. But the problem is that when you grow how can you retain artistic : Pablo Picasso.
·         Prepare the product very simple but not facilitate: Albert Ainestain.
5. Young billionaire:
By his own effort, mark Zuckerberg become billionaire at 23 years old that is recognized as a world record.
Facebook founder of Mark Zuckerberg
6. Color blind:
Zuckerberg is unfamiliar with most of the color. He sees  very well the blue color. So he decorates facebook with this color.
7. Likings:
The likings of mark Zuckerberg that Facebook refers among them McDonald’s, in-and-out burger, draft punk, lady gaga, beyonce and ketty perry.
8. T-shirt and Hoodie: In 2011 mark Zuckerberg was selected  as a worse dress person in silicon valley.  He regularly wear gray color t-shirt and jeans pant. The main cause to wear same dress daily is that he doesn’t want any trouble to take decision everyday in which dress must wear.  

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