Laptop Reviews: Tips To Save Laptops From Any Problems

-There are some device in Laptop like WiFi, users need to keep off these device when thats are not necessary that’s why users can save laptop charge.
-Users should not use laptop hold up on their belly, recently a survey discuss who use laptop holding up their own body sometime they will face sexual problem
-Users should carry laptop bags cause this types of bag is made for laptop so that it can protect laptop from and physical damages and for more safety using the shoulder carrying bags.
-For playing laptop games or typing something with laptop users can use external mouse and keyboard cause for typing and playing, laptop’s keyboard and mousepad will be damaged.
-It is better to charge laptop when users use it cause there are a limitation capabilities of laptop battery. Users should minus brightness when you charge laptop and sometime clear battery connector.
-User should regularly clear laptop’s air venter, cause air venter emits insite’s air that’s why users should care about it.
-Keep foods and drinks away from laptop.
-Laptop should not be used for long time, users should turn off laptop after using sometime.
-Close unnecessary program and minimize other unnecessary windows.
-Users should play music and video from hard disk cause the capacity of CD/DVD ROM is limited.
-If possible use hibernate or sleep option rather than shut down.
-Users should use good qualities anti-virus.
-Users should do hard disk defragment at least once a week.
-Shouldn’t do the maintenance works of laptop’s hard disk and CPU.
-Regularly should defragment Ram Cleaner, Ram Optimizer, Mem Monster, Free up Ram, Super Ram for clean memory.

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