Learn advance Google searching and searching secret as well as the supreme use of Google.

Most of the time you can see when you search any topic, it provides some unrelated information. Otherwise which you want is not get. For this problem some quick tips are needed that provide you desired result.
·         Select your browser and default search engine
If you select google as your search engine then you can install the latest version of the chrome. If you use internet explorer then you can select Bing as your search engine. As a result from address bar you can search anything through keyword typing. In chrome and internet explorer, Google and Bing remain as a default search engine. If you use Mozilla, safari or other then you just have selected search engine and search anything.
·         Using quotation mark
Using quotation mark and search anything it means that you want to search a specific topic. But now a day’s most of the search engine developed and without quotation it understands what types of topic user search. Quotation mark brings a great change in your search result. For example: “bow ties are cool”. This type of phrase or in terms of keyword searching quotation mark is helpful.
·         Search OR and Search AND
Normally if you search any word or any sentence then search engine shows the result of every word. That means how many words in keyword; it shows the result of every word. It is called AND search if you want to search a specific topic then you can use OR keyword. For example: “doctor who” OR “Sherlock Holmes” it provides you the search result either “doctor who” or “Sherlock Holmes”. Without this keyword Google will not show any result. This topic is clear when you search.
·         Filter search result
Most of the times you want to see some specific result. For example you want to see the result of recent date or the result of specific time. For this task you must click search tools of the Google. Then in your left side you want to see various options and from here you can search your desired result.
·          Page title, content and URL search
If you skip any page content and want to search on specific title, you must use the special entitle method of Google.

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