Learn how to use facebook mentions

All Profile, Page or Groups have own ID Number (ID=Identity). That ID Number are needed to done to Mention. Then sizing the ID like This, @ID Number:I (Bracket Problem) Now the question is, how to found the ID Number? There have many systems; here I teach you abut Learn how to use facebook mentions in three systems…
• First which Mention you want, in that Profile.
• Then put on Cursor anyone to Message or Poke then found that link.
How to found the link?
Opera Mini: Which link you want out by Opera Mini put on there the cursor and then maintain under the following steps. Menu—Tools—Page Information, After maintain you will get that Links Address.
UC Browser: For out of the Link from UC, Maintain under the System. *Menu—Tools—Copy—Copy Link Location or for the copy of Shortcut Link, just click on button by Instruction Basis. For the UC 7.8: 1, 3 UC 8.2 or For the UC 8.3: 1, 3, 2 will be Copy. Now Copy of Link from UC want to Paste go to written Box and then maintain under the following system. Option—Paste, then after select your Link you will do to Paste it.
Completed the Copy of Link your getting Link is such as 
http://m.facebook.com/chat/message.php?id=100002481942278&m_sess=soBi2J3 5-804nck7H 
Then .php?id= Then &m_sess Before this which number will show, That is your ID Number. 
Here ID is: 100002481942278 Now sizing it above system like the @ID Number: I (Bracket Problem) and then done to Post or Comment. 

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