Learn wordpress step by step

Word press is a Content Management System (CMS) software.Learn wordpress step by step software (system) is very popular, especially some reasons. At any point, you can create your blog free of charge. The domain registration, web hosting will not have to pay for anything.
Very easy to use. Information blog in the search engines, the software itself. There are several templates for use. Any of the choice to select the design of your site can use.
If you use the free domain hosting is you can accept some limits. wordpress.com with the name of your site as it is written, video, audio, etc. cannot upload files, you need to use the template, it cannot be changed freely, to be allocated to limited space (3 GB) and so on. Some additional advantages are available with a fee. If you change the site of varying (particularly the use of fonts) you want to increase space you want to use, or if the video is to give them some money. To avoid the limitations of the system like this, there’s everything. Those with money to register domains. Their software is free to download, use it. After the beginning of the free sites, meaning you own the server, it can move at any time. If you have AdSense (AdSense), it is important because if you want to use free of charge on the advertising they do not allow the use of AdSense.
Being informed about how to create free blog here:
> You must have an email address for the Word Press blog. If it’s on their website (http://www.wordpress.com) and click go.
> Name, password, e-mail, and other information.
> Word Press can be used as the language of Bengali. Like being in English.
> Your mother-in e-mail by sending a mail to be sure. Http://www.sitename.wordpress.com/wp-login.php find a link there, in the name of the site to control everything. For each of the next log on to the mail address. Keep the bookmark.
> Your name and password will find the address on this dashboard. By the menu changes to the software, writing a new post, change the template, add various widgets can be everything.
Fix the Key features of the site:
> There are a few locations for the varying characteristics of your site. As the site’s name (which can be seen), slogan, email address, change the time zone, date format, time format, language, etc. Click on the link to change the General Setting part
> After making the necessary changes, click save changes.
> Some can be seen on the first page of the site is to post the Setting – Reading from part.
> There are other changes that you can change out of them. The new user does not even have to change everything. Dhiredhare started learning is recommended.
Theme Changing:
> Appearance for use in any other part of the theme to change the theme Themes clicks on the link. Previews can be viewed, along with their advantages in a variety of themes.
> Using a theme will look like on your site click on the link for details Preview.
> Activate the theme for your site, click on the link.
Widget Using:
> Next door or down the side of your site there are different types of the widget can use the information. As well as a list of all the posts, last post lists, latest comments, visitor numbers, your own contacts, photos or text. Here there is nothing to add to the name of the widget.
> Widgets Appearance section, click on the link.
> Take your favorite widgets on the right drugs.
> If you need to customize it to.
Write A New Post:
> New Post button at the top right dashboard or
> Dashboard from the left side menu, click Add New.
> Add New Post screen, can be found at
> Enter Title here text box, enter the title of the post.
> You need to enter text in the text box. Or any other type, copy and paste.
> Text bold, italic, etc. If you need to use the buttons above the text box.
> The use of images for the Upload / Insert next Add an Image button and click Select File. This will have the opportunity to upload photos from your computer. Select photos to upload.
> Upload a picture can be viewed in the preview and the left, right, in the middle or you can select any size you want it. These are just a click on the Add to post. Add an Image images can be uploaded using the Media Library to the window.
> If you use the Add New Tag post tags by typing them into the box. Before the use of tags to be used for one or two letters of the type of wait and select from the list.
> If you want to share thematic posts and create new categories.
> Click the Publish button, you can post to the web page.
Visitor information:
How many visits to your site have come from any source, to any post where the sense of the views or Dashboard – Sites Stats please clicks? At least you know you can start working. Specifies anything less important compared with the rest of them did not, or could be in the same manner as other work. Start blogging today. The next steps will be, particularly for use in its own domain-host.

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