Let’s know about the history of Google.

Google is able to provide you any message from any part of the world. In modern science and technology, Google plays an important role. Without Google it is very difficult for us to pass a day. Using Google search engine you can get all of the unknown information. After coca cola, Google takes second place and it is the largest search engine.
Google is the multinational internet and software company of USA. Especially Google search engine hosts online advertisement and product development. The head office of the Google is California Mount View. The motto of the Google is the availability of the information for all. The founder of the Google is “larry page” and “Sergey brin”.
The starting of the Google is to bigger than today. It is only to attempt something. Laree and brain start perform as a search project. Their main objective is to build a strong search engine that provides a better result. This exceptional attempt brings for Google most famous algorithm that grows for Google as an available and right informer.
In 1997, 14th September the domain of “google.com” was registered. In 1998, 4th September two friends established Google as a private limited company. In 2004, 19th august it starts journey as a public limited company. Those time larry page, Sergei brain and Eric commit agreed to work together for 20 years. Adding new product and service, Google is able to increase its size and usage. At present world, Google is the final destination for all as well as it strong its versatility buying new company.
In whole world, Google operates one million servers in various data center. It is processing about 24 pita byte data and search request more than one billion. Google services across social networking, e-mail and office productivity. Google changes the world through new technology and product. Using its own satellite, Google provides service for road map and road direction through Google map as well as Google drive provides free storage service for the user. Without this Google translator translate any language of the world. I think that in modern science and technology people can’t lead their life without Google. 

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