Let’s know! how does antivirus work in computer

Antivirus software is much costly. There are various types of antivirus in the market which is good or not about this often we worry. Here is given the information of the best 7 antivirus in the market and  how does antivirus work in computer.
antivirus work

1. 360 internet security: It is one of the best antiviruses from becoming installing very fast, it can also identify maximum virus. It also much effective .its updates spend 15 minutes.
2. Add-hour free antivirus (plus) 11: It’s a very nice software .if it finds virus before scan, then it do quarantine though to arrange malware is somewhat weak, it is a strong matter.
3. Avast: It is very strong software .it can qualify the quality of websites. Still malware cannot find out much virus, 200people in the world use it.
4. AVG: It resisted the attack of malware. If there is no malware in your computer, then it will be tough to install AVG. Now if it is installed, it will work greatly.
5. BTD fender antivirus: Who don’t want to think deeply about antivirus, it is suited for them. It works in the background. It has been passed in independent test lab marvelously.
6. C/Komodo internet security premium: This free antivirus software gives firewall security. It has the desktop widget (window get) and give DNS security.
7. Zone alarm: It can be easily installed and it can solve all problems. It has no web monitoring system and doesn’t scan on the basis of cloud. It is effective against ‘fishing ‘and has firewall security.

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